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god that video was painful to watch.

So who's making them?

They remind me more of vinyl toys for adults with those undergarments and just the general look of the toy, it's a bit odd.

also, for the record, I hate the pooping, vomiting humanoid dolls poopsy is doing (also in this video)

I'm not sure I'm guessing mga is responsible for this. They look like either plush or sqishy because they go inside the purse thing and they don't like articulated at all. 

Image result for na na na dolls


I found this cutie shopping at Wally World for $19.99. They are not really blind bags since they include a sticker in front of their box with a shape that lets you know who your getting, which is nice. These dolls are very unique, kinda reminiscence of cloth bodied dolls. Although the material feel more like polyester on top of a rubber plastic body mold. I love their faces and their nubby fingers. Their stock is very well made and their hair is good quality. Here is video with all six characters.

Na Na Na surprise doll back pack set. Super cute just for the playset and accessories.


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