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Wow, if I remember correctly clothes for these fit MH dolls. If that is the case I will definatly be picking some of these up for extra clothing :)

omg the punk outfits! I want! hahha.

You know these are being released for MH LOL  

especially the ones with short hair because of how the doll heads have 2 faces and you hide the second face with the long hair that came with the original dolls LOL

the makers probably figure people only buy our dolls to scavenge for MH so we might as well spare the cost and just make outfits and wigs LOL

I once bought a mystixx vampire and her torso spit starting splitting in the first day so i returned her. The wigs didn't cover well either. I think these fashion packs are a great idea now we don't have to buy the dolls for just the clothes. I always liked the outfits but i don't like throwing away dolls of any kind. Sometimes play hut makes barbie play houses for Mattel perhaps Mattel is having them make these for monster high just under the mystixx name just to see if there's a market for fashion packs with wings for the create a monster line.

Play hut is still making new mystixx dolls mystixx grim and mystixx zombies there making a lab to go with the dolls too XD.

How do Mystixx wigs fit on MH CAMs? I've been using Liv wigs but their a little big.

The wigs were a little big when i tried them. as far as shoes it seems that only certain ones fit so it depends on the style the boots fit but some of the smaller shoes don't. The clothes are a good fit.

super cute wonder if toys r us will carry these if so these would be great

Toys r us does sell the mystixx vampires. so far only toysrus and amazon have them.


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