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Hello, I am WhitePinoy. 

I have been a fan of Monster High from the very start. I remember when the first six dolls were released in 2009 and watched as it neared its end in 2019. My little sister introduced me to the dolls when she bought a Deuce Gorgon and Cleo de Nile two pack. She used to love them for a while until Cleo lost her right forearm, and Deuce got neglected for several years until both of them got sold. She eventually moved on to Ever After High, buying Cerise, Briar, Apple, and Cupid, until her mother threw in the hallway during a fit of rage. 

In 2019, I wanted to start doll customizing and created my own doll using a Mattel Wonder Woman. After I finished my first doll custom, I bought a bunch of Monster High boys I wanted to customize. But after seeing how well preserved their bodies were, I decided to preserve them and just collect a bunch of Monster High boys. I also bought four Ever After High boy dolls as well. 

Since then, I've been collecting dolls to either preserve or customize. I ended up buying another Deuce Gorgon. Not my sister's original, but a well preserved one. What got you into collecting? 

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Hello, WhitePinoy,

Welcome to the site!  :) I'm sorry that it took me so long to reply, but I'm glad that you found this site; it's a good place for fans of a lot of different doll lines, including Monster High! 

I like the fact that you collect the MH boys, because they can be tough to find (I have Hexiciah Steam, Dracula, Slo Mo, Deuce, Lagoona Blue's boyfriend, Heath, and maybe one more, plus Alastair from the EAH lineup). I'm sorry that your sister's collection was destroyed.  :(

Regrettably, I got onboard with the entire Monster High scene at a really, really late point in the game: 2016! Up until then, I'd stayed away from the dolls, because my family didn't like them! Between 2013 and 2016, my life became a lot sadder, and I sort of gravitated toward the dolls, so that, for Easter of 2016, I chose the "Boo York, Boo York" movie....and Mouscedes King as gifts for myself. That was one special Easter, to be sure!

Since then, my life hasn't been much better, but I've collected a ton of MH dolls online (and in stores), reveling in the uniqueness of design, and in the clever wordplay of the advertising campaign! 

I never really got that into EAH, although I have the Alastair doll that was sold in that Fair 2-pack with Bunny, and I've used several bodies, hands, etc. from EAH with my MH dolls, in order to customize them. Once I cure one of my Clawdeens of a gluey head, she'll be rejoined with the body of Cedar Wood, because I wanted a Forest Werewolf! The interesting and ironic part is that I am pretty sure that I envisioned that before Treesa Thornwillow was released by Mattel. LOL!

Even as I pine for new doll lines, I keep wanting some of the more cool, unique MH dolls that I don't yet have! The MH doll hunts are always cool and fun!

Well, again....welcome, and have fun!  :)

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