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Dont hate me fro this people but i dont really seem to care much about MH anymore. Ya know becasue the charecters have become whiney and spoiled by the school, everyone bows down to them, frankie is WAY too nice, draculaura is whiney and annoying, clawdeen has been a bit ful of her self lately, rochelle is insanely lovestruck, Venus is politically correct, nefera is evil, lagoona is ignored, abbey is frankie's diciple, spectra is barely there, operetta is barely there, the twins arent there at all, catrine is just a backrounder, jackson is just ugh, holt is totally high on some sort of drug, clawd is draculaura's "great dane", deuce is just so stereotype skater boy, the charecters arent supposed to be cliquey but in a way they are. The only ones that Mattel still does justice for are Cleo, Ghoulia, Robecca, and heath!

Just my opinion people...

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It's true it's true!

Well, to tell you the truth, even when I still love MH as always, I am disappointed with (lately):

1. Lagoona being ignored

2. Abbey being Frankie's disciple (have we even seen them apart for the last 10 episodes/ movies?)

3. Clawd being nothing more than Draculaura's puppy.

Don't get me wrong, of course I still love MH, but these 3 things just irk me. Abbey has replaced Lagoona, and she's always with Frankie. And all we have seen Clawd do lately is being by Draculaura's side and agreeing with all she says.

Apart from the Friday Night Frights, in which we saw lots of Lagoona, Operetta, and a healthy relationship from Clawd and Laura, I have been very disappointed with these 3 things.

Lol!!! I couldn't stop laughing about what u said about holt!!!
Thanks guys!

 I'm glad that I've never gotten into the books and webisodes/movies, because I think it might diminish my love for the dolls.  What I've always lloved about owning dolls, has been that I get to envision and invent their personalities and bios (and reinvent as I wish).

Ironically I only discovered MH through the book Where there's a wolf, there's a way. I checked out the book, because I was doing research reading prepping for my own YA werewolf novel.  I wasn't impressed with the book, and didn't even finish it, but did look into the doll line and decided I wanted Clawdeen as a sort of "mascot" for my book.  I didn't plan on buying any other dolls ( or at least none of the non-werewolves) but I just fell in love with each of my dolls one at a time.

 I only watched a couple webisodes after I already had eight (of my twenty-plus last count) dolls.  I guess since the personalities I had started to envision were nothing like Mattel's version, I just decided to reject Mattel's reality and substitute my own.

That is a wonderful way to love MH I salute you

I love the webisodes and I think it's cute that they're there. To me they are fun to watch when I'm bored and I don't take them seriously at all so nothing about them really bothers me. Because when I "play" with my dolls I give them whatever personality I want.

I usually have my Frankie be very mellow and it doesn't matter who she ends up with in the webisodes because I'll almost ALWAYS pair her with Jackson, lol. I like imagining Draculaura as a regal vampire queen or making some "good" characters -like Clawdeen or Venus- the villains.

It's fun to roleplay as the characters in the webisodes sometimes, but if you don't like the characters so much anymore just create whatever story you want when you play.


...Although, I don't have any problem with the characters... I do really miss Season 2 of the Monster High webisodes when they all linked together. ):

If it were up to me Frankie & draculaura would be like the plastics in mean girls. Venus and Cleo would be rebellious, Robecca would be victorian goth, operetta would be a metal rockstar, etc


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