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My oc Tina Poltergeist(the cousin of spectra) Picture of tina coming soon!

Name: Tina Poltergeist                     


Parents: Poltergeist Ghosts

Killer Style:Bright colors! Thats it!                                                   

Freaky Flaw: Well I luv pulling pranks but sometimes they get out of hand! I hav a lot of fights but we always make up!

Fave Color: Pink,green,light blue,yellow,and any thing bright!

Fave Food: Well I like pizza,cookies,popsicles,icecream,and I could go on and on

Pet Peave: When monsters take my jokes too seriously! Sometimes it really gets under me!

Fave Activey:Making monsters laugh!

Pet(s):A ferret just like my older cousin! I look up to my older cousin spectra a lot! His name is Mr.quibbles

Bffs:Abbey fang, Spectra Vondergeist,and tina the fairy(on Abbey bomianbles page!)

Fave Subject: Jorualism! Just like my cuz!

Least Fave Subject:Social studies. Boring!


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Cool love it!
So cool!!! By the way, thanks for putting Tina on yours because I put your Tina on My Tina's bio!
awesome!i love it!;)

thx ghouls!

what is fanfic?

Vamprissa said:
Hate to be a downer but this goes in Fanfic and OCs.
I just noticed my Tina is also 15 too!

Abbey Bominable said:
I just noticed my Tina is also 15 too! cool abbey! i wanted to make her youger than spectra
thx for the comments! remember u get a gift if u comment!

Hey ghouls the picture came out! so if u like this bio then u should check out the pic i drew! p.s i suck at drawing i know plz no mean comments!



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