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I had seen some custom Heath dolls and I really liked the yellow skin-tone and thought it would be awesome to have a doll with that color skin in my collection.  However, since there will be an actual Heath release, I decided to not do Heath himself but someone similar, so I created Brennan Blaze.

I used the Vampire boy CAM and completely repainted his body and for his hair I used a "wig cap" that came with a "Date Night" Ken that came with 3 interchangeable hair pieces.  It's a tad bit small, but you can only tell if you look at it from one side.

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did you use different paint for face and body? it is great I love it!

what did ya use to change the skintone?

To answer both your questions, the face and body are the exact same paints. It is Apple Barrel Acrylics that were sealed with a clear sealer.

He looks cool :)  I think the hair really works on him.

Wow you did an amazing job.  He's so adorable! Beautiful job on choosing colors.  He's just seems so warm.

Thanks for all the compliments. He's one of my favorites now. I just love how he adds a bold splash of color to my collection.


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