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Okay, the Werecat Twins have been out for a decent amount of time right?  I can't seem to remember right now, but that's not important.  I know plenty of people have found them, but why have I NEVER physically seen one?

Has anyone seen them physically in stores?  Or can they only be found online?

If they can be found in stores, which ones?  I can't seem to remember anything about these two at the moment.

Thank you and please share your thoughts on the Werecat Twins and their whereabouts below!


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I need them!! Wish there was a Toys R Us near by

No But I have her! Minnesota

MoNsTeRgIrL♥ said:

Well, I got mine from in June so.. keep checking there!

I was wondering about Howleen... anyone seen her in NJ???

I'll see the werecats every so often here in dirty jerz. If I see them and have the money I could pick them up and we could work out something.
I got mine yesterday at FAO Schwartz

I went to a toysrus around my area and got really lucky. They had as many 2 packs as the cleo de nile and deuce set a couple of years back! I was so happy when i saw them! If you have not found them by now, good luck on finding them! :)

I never saw them at my local ToysRUs which usually has a good MH stock (I got the Fearleading pack there) so I caved and ordered the Werecats from amazon and of course they arrived with their face paint chipped up! It's unfortunate but I'll figure out how to fix it eventually, I'm just glad to have them because they really are adorable dolls.


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