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Now, I don't think this fits under sightings as technically he isn't a "new" doll and I definitely don't want to trade or sell him so I think I'll post this awesome story here.

The backstory, I'm a huge fan of first wave Jekyll Jackson. I've tried to trade for him a few times, I've even tried to purchase him OOB and damaged if it meant having one for less than a hundred bucks. Too many circumstances fell through and I decided I would have him, just not now. If I ever bought him it'd be much later when I saved.

My Christmas was spent in Alabama, I strangely showed up early and cut off my family from purchasing my gift for me. We all ended up in Wal-Mart together gathering last minute needs. My boyfriend sends me to the Monster High aisle and says "Well, you know I was going to get you a doll so why dont you go take your time choosing a few." Who doesn't love hearing that?

His mom and I traveled to the aisle together. The barrens shelves let me know many girls and boys would share the same awesome experience I would of opening a new doll this year! As I turned the corner and looked up it happened... my eyes caught one box all by itself, I saw the vest I can't forget... my eyes crept along to the head and saw the glasses and hairstyle. My eyes widened as I snatched the box off the shelf failing to contain all sorts of unidentifiable noises. I had to be sure this was him, how could I mistake it?  I was holding in my hands the very grail doll I had tucked all hopes of owning anytime soon far back away into my heart. 

I've seen these types of stories before, I never thought this would happen to ME. It really was like winning the dolly lottery. When I checked his price my heart near exploded, $15.00. Perfect box, unopened, no stains! I did it, my patience was greatly rewarded!!

I also found only one first wave LaLa, also only $15.00! Her box was a bit more loved on, she's so gorgeous.  It looks like I'm officially a "collector". >< 

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I love your story!

Congratz with your much loved christmas gift :)

Awesome. Congratulations. My husband got him for me for Christmas. I think he is a little jealous because he spent a little more than 15. :)

I used to dream of something like this happening for me, but I've given up hope.  Congrats on your dream doll.

Congratulations!!! Its always awesome when you find something like that :)


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