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My Little Pony/Equestria Girls SDCC Exclusive: The Mane-iac

You can see them here!

The MLP exclusives for San Diego Comic Con are Pony and Equestria Girls versions of the Joker-like villainess 'The Mane-iac,' who featured in one of the last season's episodes.  The picture of the EQ doll is just a rendering, but if it ends up looking that good in real life, it's going to be the best Equestria Girls doll out there.

What do you think?

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I find them awesome. This adds to the list as to why I want to go to SDCC. I hope the EG has something special to make her hair stand up, because that would be perfect. Can't wait to watch reviews of it over and over again just to see them in their awesome glory! LOL

I know I would buy them if they were to hit stores or if I could go to SDCC.

Squeeeeeeee. So excited wasn't expecting the mlp exclusive to look that awesome; really hoping the final product looks as well as those pics. :3

I don't really collect MLP but I have quite a few blindbag ponies though and I love the show! These are seriously amazing! 

WOW it's amazing I really want both versions yet another thing I can't get that is now the 3rd thing I collect that gets a SDCC exclusive I wish I could go just fly out for a few days for the con then come back would be great why can't these things be world wide oh man, is the toy actually going to come with that Spike?, I would love to own this I really would.

I don't believe they'll be able to get doll hair to stick out like that and look decent. Plastic bodice will happen too. I dunno... i'm not convinced they'll pull this off.

I LOVE the Equestia Girl version much better because of her hair!

Here is the boxed version.  Not quite as impressive as the prototype image, but still a cute doll.


I get the impression from this image that as soon you you debox her, her hair will just fall in limp noodles. Unless they're threaded something into it to keep it up, but it doesn't look like it. I'm going with wet noodle hair.

their already changed her hair color from the prototype -.- i don't like the boxed version


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