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My first Tonner doll - Post pictures of your Tonner dolls here

She is customised, repainted and redressed. She is beautiful.

Post your tonner dolls here. It would be great to see more.

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wow Tula I love so much her skin tone!

She is beautiful. I think I will have only one like this. They are too tall and too expensive. I am pleased to have one.

I met her unexpectedly that's why I have her. She is a sort of surprise!

This is Yo Yo Mode Agatha Primrose from 2016.

Stacy in IL

She is so cool! I love her. I don't know a lot about Tonner dolls. They seem to have lots of different styles of dolls.

I have looked at other pictures. Her outfit is so cute! She is adorable.

Here's Tonner's 10th Doctor (Doctor Who) from about 2010.

I have a bunch of Tonner photos, so I'll try to remember to visit and post more. Here's a photo from the final major Tonner Convention in 2016 to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. This is from the doll show on Sunday with convention souvenirs that were still available to purchase including a Deja Vu doll, Catwoman and Harley Quinn, Agatha Primrose cosplaying as Alice in Wonderland, Mary Engelbreit dolls, and a DC Comics T-shirt pack for Agatha Primrose.

You can check out more on Flickr. I have albums for a few Tonner Conventions, plus several in the celebrity dolls album and if you like Tonner, Wilde Imagination is also by him, so check out Ellowyne and the Wilde Weekend albums. Stacy in IL's Flickr Albums

Stacy in IL 


I like some of the Wilde Imagination dolls a lot but they are very expensive and difficult to buy in Europe.

I like sally sad Eyes and Evangeline Ghastly especially.

I looked at your Flickr. You have a great collection. I love the scary Godmother doll!

What do you mean by you found a doll in crate?

Great Agatha Primrose, she is so cute.

Sharing some tonner doll pics. Love your doll Tula she is beautiful. I am always looking for dark skin dolls. They just don't make enough. By the way great thread. Here is my first tonner doll basic Jon. Then I got a Cami Striped Mink and a Ellowyne Wilde Wishful Rose.

They are beautiful. Ellowyne Wilde is so pretty! Great eyes!

Thank you. I love my doll too and even more because I only have one Tonner doll. I never thought I would ever have one of these dolls. It makes her special and unique in my collection.

I love your dark skin Integrity doll too. She is gorgeous.

Thank you. Ellowyne is a favorite. Always wanted one.


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