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My Draculaura's legs are on the verge of coming off, how can I fix them?

So I've heard about this problem a lot online about the legs falling off the dolls, at first I figured it was just because kids were playing too rough with them but then I noticed my own Draculaura's legs acting up even though she is barely handled. [And whenever she is I'm extra careful as she is the original and I will never find a replacement.]


Anytime I hold her by her legs or try to sit her up she flops backwards and her thighs are sticking out of thier sockets and I can see the cheap band that holds her legs together when I lift her skirt up. I was considering following a tutorial online and removing the legs and fixing the band but I don't have all the materials and I'd rather not risk it in case I can't put her together again.


Anyone else having this problem and know of any quick fix solutions?

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You can also contact Mattel and tell them about it.


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