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I've finally finished her :) Her name is Lydiea Canterville, her last name is taken from the "The Canterville Ghost" by Oscar Wilde. I've dressed her in the victorian style. I've changed her eye colour, given her some eyelashes, new lip colour and some blush. I've rerooted her as well, i really hated her wig.Some people have made theirs look really good but mine was real old lady style...just awful.

Her dress i've made but her bloomers are a pair of shorts i just added some lace. Her little hat is made by me too from air drying clay. Her shoes are the one that came with her i just painted them black and added a bit of clay to the front so that they weren't opened toe shoes.

Hope you guys like her :)

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Love her! Great job!

Of course I like her :D I like EVERY custom you make!

Love the hat! I need to make myself a few doll sized tophats heh. How is it attached?

How'd you reroot her? Just go around the hard disk or did you actually drill into that?

I love this doll! Everything about her is perfect, so lovely!

she is gorgeous!

That's a really good idea to add clay to the toes.  I hate that so many of their shoes are open-toed!

oh. oh. OMG. oh. I. I'm at a loss for words, she's so stunning. Her face is just captivating. I wasn't a fan of Ghost Girl at all. Maybe it was the colors they picked for her, but you've made me love her.

Thank you all for all your nice comments, i'm really pleased that you like her ;) @purple-monkfish the hat is attached by a long pin that i put into her head and made a hole in the bottom of the hat so it sits on top. I've tried using ribbon before but it gets in the way and never feels secure enough.

I did indeed just reroot around the disk, then put her hair into a style that would hide any bald spots :)


As for the open toed shoe debate, i just hate them! I want my girls to have proper shoes or boots. I'm glad you like my idea though ;)

@purple jae i too was unsure of the ghost girl when i bought her. I think taking a bit of the black off around her nose helped, it just seemed too heavy. She does suit the black and white colour scheme more in my opinion :)


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