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So I have been customizing for a little while now..but they've been really bad. So I recently completed the following customs in order

EAH Briar (with hair cut and new face)--her new name is Sadie

MH Clawdeen (new hair and face)

MH Operetta (new face)


In one of the photos with the new operetta is a howleen head on a cleo body with purple hair..that was my first custom.

So..Opinions? Can you see people wanting to buy any of these?




Clawdeen custom (for a friend)



And my newest Oppie custom..i don't like her lips..but I'm getting there.









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Oppy looks great, Sadie is super cute and I love the pink Howleen's hair. The lines on Pink hair Howleen look a little jagged but with improve with practice.
Your purple haired Howleen looked like the brush you were using was much to thick, looks like you used a thinner brush on your new customs.
Keep up the good work

The purple haired howleen was actually made with paint..sadie and clawdeen had just a little paint and oppie has none:) i be discovered how much I love using jist watercolor pencils


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