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this is an important vid I strongly agree with it, sadly I don't think it will make a difference with the way things have been going but I think if we all try maybe we can make a difference, still is a good video to watch you will find your not alone at least.

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I wrote a comment on there, but its a bit sweary so i don't wanna copy it here lol.

It really baffles me how they have 'focus groups' that are just little kids but never take into account any criticism from collectors.

Mattel ignores the fans of the series. the only think they do well  (sarcasm)! 


focus groups, hah.

Mattel doesn't know their ass from their elbow at this point and couldn't care less.

I honestly think their contemptuous attitude toward complaints stems from knowing the franchise is dying so they don't need to put effort in. People complain and they just go "yep, we know." and that's it.

all the passion and love has gone, mh's on life support and honestly I think they should do the right thing and pull the plug.

yeah it's not the same anymore too much has changed.

but what I don't get is why it just seems to me like they are killing it on purpose and why?

you think they would learn from their Disney mistake that must have hurt the company right?

wouldn't they want their business to thrive?

for someone reason all they want is one successful franchise and that's Barbie but I don't get why.

why should it matter if they create something outsells Barbie it's the same company so why need to compete, no matter Barbie will always be around but if your a big company who creates other toy franchises you will want all to be a success a seller so why kill one of in favour of another I just don't get it.


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