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Chewlian's a mini shredder? Ooo I can see hurt fingers hahaha.

He is kinda cool though.

Poor Dustin looks like a Pez dispenser. :)

Hahaha! So what I'm hearing is that we have a mini paper shredder and a Pez dispenser? Anyway, I think it's cool. I hope they make all their pets.

How can Dustin have BONES if he's made from dust?! Chewlian looks cool. I don't have any of the pets but I really like how cool Chewlian looks.

Same way a ghost requires a bed, a vampire can be out in the sun without dying and a skeleton can walk around without anything holding her bones together. ;) You're trying to put logic where there isn't any to be found.

Operetta Fanboy said:

How can Dustin have BONES if he's made from dust?!

Aww, Chewlian is so cute!! I agree with Spectra A Yelps about hoping they make all the pets too, I especially want Perseus & Sweet Fangs...

This is disappointing. I was hoping for Rhuen.

I hope he is! He's so cute and adorable!

we LOVE the pets. Sooooo, needless to say- can't wait!!!!!!!


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