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Has anyone else noticed that lately there have been tons of store exclusives? You can get one doll at Walmart only, one at TRU only etc. I don't feel like it's always been this crazy. Or has it?

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I think it's getting worse, maybe it's the only way Mattel can get MH on shelves but it's not consumer friendly. It also means countries like here in the UK simply don't get most of hte stuff released.

It's so crappy.

Like, way to alienate your customers outside the US Mattel, thanks for making us yet again feel like second class. *sigh* it was like this in the beginning of MH, we'd get maybe 70% of all lines and multipacks just never appeared. at all.

We missed Dawn Of The Dance w1, and the 3 pack. We missed the gloom beach 5 pack. the skull shores 5 pack. We didn't get coffin bean wave 2. We didn't get the fanging at the maul 5 pack (but nowhere did), we didn't get the killer style khols dolls, or sweet screams Abbey. Skull Shores Gil and DOTD Deuce were SO short packed they were literally available for a week before they were replaced with cases that didn't contain them.

Things were improving, but now we're right back to not gettng half the lines. in fact we're getting less now than ever. We didn't get dance the fright away, we didn't get the last wave of frightmares, we're not likely to get the sports pack, I don't think we got fierce fitness. It's especially so if it's an exclusive.

See Argos is meant to get the target exclusives, but seems to have stopped doing this and are stocking only like 4 MH lines this season anyway.

Asda is owned by walmart so is meant to get their exclusives, but hasn't for a few seasons now. They seem to have given up stocking toys in most stores.

Sainsbury and Tesco have shrunk their toy sections.

Smyths seems to be struggling to get stock in on time and keep it in stock

Toys R Us takes about 5 months to get anything new, including their exclusives who they then charge ridiculous money for. I heart fashion iris? £35! thirty five! They were £25 the season before!

As it stands, i've seen only signature ari, frankie and drac on shelves and a handful of those static bodied budgets. That's IT for reboot. Shriek Wrecked, Electrified, Party Ghouls etc i've only seen online. I'm yet to see any of them in a physical store. It doesn't bode well to me. And I don't really get it. But toys in general seem to just not be selling so well. Maybe because the prices are too high and the pound is just too weak.

That's such a shame. And I thought it was bad in the US! I think toys in general are just being replaced with technology, sadly. Kids would rather play games on their tablets and such than play with toys.

I have the idea it's not only that, but blind bags as well.  Kids have that got to get them all mentality, or "Mommy, I could pull a rare one!"  And parents see them at 2 or 3 dollars a pop and think it's not so bad, I'll get my kid a couple, but those two or three dollars can add up fast and getting four or five is about the price of a doll.  And the displays are almost always empty.  They put out the Season 7 Shopkins 2 packs Thursday, brand new hadn't been touched, it's empty today.  

But back on topic, the exclusives do drive me nuts, especially when it's stores I basically have to order off the internet because I don't get to them.  I really dislike all the exclusives, and it had gotten very big lately.  It used to be the occasional Walmart one with Target and Toys R Us getting maybe one or two, or a line, each toy season.  Now it's "This, this and this for Walmart, this one for Target, and you can only find this at Toys R Us if you get lucky and stumble across it."

I normally don't pay attention. Which ones are exclusive where right now?


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