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The Spanish webisode Monstruosamente Bella shows all of the girls in their DDG outfits, plus Cleo, Clawdeen, and Frankie-- which seems to confirm she'll be in the line, since they're new models, not reused DotD ones.

The US version is supposed to air on the 23rd, as Night of a Thousand Dots.

General plot is that Draculaura's sick and Cleo's supposed to have a party, so eventually they just bring the party to her and her sickness disappears.

If you want to see it, check this link:

Mouse over the boottom skulette where Operetta is, click, and find Monstruosamente Bella. It's not the best quality or anything, though.

There's also one about Ghoulia and her scooted called 'Ansiedad por la Velocidad' which will apparently be The Tortoise and The Scare in English.

Group effort from the chat to find it. <3

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Well, i guess this will be DDG wave two? (Frankie, Cleo, Clawdeen)

I thought it would be a longer scene of that line.


The ghouls are throwing a party to get over exams being ...over. It's at Cleo's place, and everybody's ready to go, except for Draculara (blegh). She's been hiding as she has a "dot fever" (literal translation, lol) caused by stress. The ghouls try to fix it but it won't go away until she arrives at the dot themed party.

I reeeeally hope Dot Dead Cleo comes out by herself...

The site has all the new episodes from "Defending your Lagoona" to "Perfect Match". I watched them all last night, although I don't understand a word, I have to say, I'm pretty disappointed. A bunch of episodes are "nostalgic", containing scenes from past episodes, nothing interesting. If you watch them, you'll understand what I mean.


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