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I didn't see any posts about this yet, but the MH FB page posted a video and updated their cover photo.The video was short and was mostly a flashing skullette with "#monstermadness" at the end and said a reveal was coming Monday. I'm sure most people know this by now, but here's a link to the MH FB page:

What do you think it will be?

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I was kinda thrown off by it.Just appeared out of nowhere.
I'm guessing it will be a series of webisodes?

Based on the new posts I believe it could be a reveal for the rumored live action MH movie. They're tagged as #setlife and #monstermadness.

Maybe they're trying to get new fans interested that don't know about the old lines. In order to sell shelf warmers you have to get more buyers since regular buyers have already decided what they wanted when the dolls were popular. we'll see if mattel's plan works.

In the end the hastag #monstermadness promoted 35% off on the older doll lines on the Mattel official site.

I've been seeing a commercial on tv today, Monster Madness sales extend to stores as well, and ends September 1st.  The commercial moves too fast for me, but I know I see Art Class, the first wave of New Scaremester, Jane, and the new stars from Frights, Camera, Action.

The first wave of 'Monster Madness' ends on September 1, but according to the MH Facebook page, a second phase of sales promotions will start after that, and last till September 15.


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