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Sorry barbie but we know the winner!

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To be honest I've bought more Barbies as of late than Monster High as of late. The last MH doll I bought was Ghouls Geta Away Elissabat. Nothing from GSR is a want and nothing from the redesign either. I'm 99% sure I'm done with Monster High unless something new and exciting comes around.

Hi Ashely monster high has stepped up there with the Boo York Boo York movie and the great scarrior reef and the first two headed mobster high doll is out!

Barbie have really stepped up their game lately, with the new and upcoming curvy, petite and tall Barbie's on the way that have really awesome features, the new AA petite has yellow in her eyes some black people have that I think that's really cool to see that on a doll, there are so many awesome new Fashionistas on the way and I can't wait to get them all I am really excited about them, they are so refreshing to see the girls with features people have, I just hope they do males too.

Monster High is still number one for me at the moment but it's changing, I'm going into this reboot open minded and some of new dolls I am excited about, and I am happy about the new body features we have like Clawdeen's fur, Cleo's wraps it's what people have been asking for, just the faces have changed, I wish they were still edgy but they could again if this fails, we don't really know what else is around the corner these are just next seasons dolls.

Ok i perfer monster high but i do have some barbies. I love the new Boo York Boo York and i cant wait to see the other new movie the great scarrior reef


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