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When are we gonna get a Monster High School Play Set??? I was hoping Mattel would release one for this Christmas season.... I have been working on one myself all year, it's coming along great and I will post some pictures soon!


 Cheers, Jeremy Austen


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So far I have used ONLY Krylon FUSION Spray on color choice BUT I think the colors available match up very well with the animated MH toons.....


the dark sailor said:

wonderful! can I ask what type of spray paint/paint your are using? thanks

Absolutely astounding work, Jeremy! I can't wait to see what it looks like when you deem it complete. In truth, I can't imagine anything official looking that impressive and high-quality. And as always, thanks for all of the great MH news!

WOW!! You school playset looks amazing!! *lots of clapping* :D


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