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I cleaned out my monster high lot, and came across some create-a-monster parts that I want to get rid of. I wanted to post this awhile ago, but never got the chance. Please tell me if you are interested.

All of the parts are clean and are ready to get shipped. Here are the parts that come with this lot:

  1. One full doll that I created but you can take a part (this includes wig, outfit, arms, legs, head, shoes, etc.)
  2. Tattoos, some of them are cut, left the eyes and things like that
  3. Monster high card
  4. 1 cat girl head(not including the doll I already created)
  5. Outfits
  6. Legs
  7. Stands
  8. Mermaid tail
  9. Torso
  10. Shoes
  11. Clothes (I can include some Barbie clothes for an extra 2 dollars, like 10 outfits)
  12. Cauldron
  13. Purses
  14. One small clip
  15. One earring (golden long earring, not loop, if you want to match, I only have one, but I just want to make sure you guys are okay with it)
  16. One ever after high stand
  17. Monster high stickers, one taken off and put back on again
  18. Ever after high brush

CONDITION: All parts are in pretty good condition, some of the legs are dirty, I believe one or two, but that can easily be cleaned off with soap and water. I think there is one upper arm that is drawn with marker, but that's it. Otherwise, all parts are in pretty good use. Also, I mentioned this above, but some of the tattoos for the face are cut, leaving only the eyes, I think about two or three, but if you don't want them I can take them out, they are still in good use and a lot of the other face tattoos are full, not cut.

PICS: I will give out more pictures by request. For now, I put down the basics.

PRICE: Hmm, I'm thinking about $10-$15 dollars for the whole, and $1-$2 for separate parts, and probably one cent for that earring and clip XD (pics here and in file attachment below) Sorry pics are not that great, I'll send you some more privately if you want, it's hard to get everything in just a few pics for you guys to see.

I hope you consider! Let me know!

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