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Since I had a decent response to my post about this let's make it official. Every Sunday OR as I find sales I will post them below and you can do the same! Here are some simple "rules":

1.) I invite non US collectors to post here! Let us know of your local sales.

2.) Found a sale not listed? Post it as a reply. Please try to include the sale dates and any other pertinent information.

3.) This is NOT a place to advertise your own Monster High dolls and items for sale.


Happy savings fellow fans!




(P.S. can we get this stickied?)

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Clearance at Targets vary from store to store. If a Target in one town has a doll on clearance for $14.98, the town next to it might have it for $9.98 or they might be the same price.

Catrine Demew and GNO Spectra are $9.97 on right now, among others. 

OK, this isn't really a sale, but I saw these two lovely ladies at Target Walnut Creek if anyone is looking for a Basic Rochelle. They're not perfect, and the boxes are a little worn, but they are complete as far as I can tell so if you're looking for one they're on the end cap. 

Let me bump this up. Such a great idea.

I personally haven't found much sales from stores but Amazon does have a few dolls at a very reasonable price.

Diener is on clearance at toys r us and toys r us online for $14.95.
My local target (Wheaton, Il) has PD and Power Ghouls at $10 this week. The EAH 2 pak is on sale for $17.50.


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