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Dunno if this is where to put it, but Toys R Us is having a sale on all Monster High products in their store- Buy 2, get the 3rd free.


Could this be indication of the new shipment? Maybe, maybe not. I asked this guy to look in the back for Clawd and Draculaura (a different store from the one I went to the other day) and he said they were listed under "assortment" and that he couldn't order one specifically for me because we wouldn't know which one I would get. I just said I'd wait.


Thought I'd keep you guys up to date c:

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The same sale is also running online; I think it's part of the Memorial Day sale.
So is this just for a certain type (Like only for the normal, or DOTD . . etc). Or can you mix and match

Thanks for telling us! 

@Reno Kun, it's equal or lesser to the price of the 2 things you bought. [example: buy two GB dolls...get one free, but you couldn't get a DOTD one free]

But...I was looking into it and their gloom beach dolls cost 14.50. At my local target and walmart they are no more then 13.00. Estimated shipping per doll is about 5.50. So that's 20.00 per doll-which equals up to paying 40.00 for two GB dolls...and getting one free. So what's the real price per doll? about 13.00. the same exact price of a regular non-on sale doll. Plus, the nearest Toys R Us is kind of far away and it's about 5.00 in gas money to get there.

So...I went looking on the Walmart site and they are currently having another offer for monster high dolls-

link here: You get two gloom beach dolls for 20.00. That's only 10.00 per doll and they have free site-to-store shipping! It just seems to be a better deal to me for the GB dolls. 
Hope this helps and I didn't talk too confusingly. lol

@reno It's for any type of Monster High merchandise at all. This includes the purses, socks, flipflops, fortune skulls, and any other accessories. And while Randi is correct that for shipping and such, it's not really a deal, but if you live close enough to a toys r us like I do, then it's a pretty good deal depending on what you're getting. I spend 40 for a DotD Frankie, Basic Clawdeen, and the big black gothy purse made of faux leather for my sister.
neato! gotta love a sale~


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