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Tumblr user evraftermonsters seems to be a reliable source when it comes to doll releases and things like that. They have friends who work there and that is how they know so much stuff that the general public doesn't.
They said that the MH SDCC exclusive was going to be a villains two pack,and that's what it ended up being. Their reliability will be put to the test again twice:
1) when EAH's Way Too Wknderland special comes out they said Cari Pillar will be introduced.
2) in a few years they said that Monster High will be getting a reboot. The dolls will have more EAH like doll bodies.

As soon as I read that I started to freak out.
What does this mean for Monster High?will some characters be excluded?will they have the same detail attention?what will happen to the head molds?

In my opinion,if this is's an incredibly stupid move.
Their are over 70+ Monster High characters. More than half of them have their own unique doll mold. Why would Mattel just throw out so many unique doll molds? And what will happen to specific characters with detailed bodies? Will Avea,Bonita,Skelita,Jinafire and Gigi manage to make it to the reboot while keeping their uniqueness?or will they be scrapped of what made their dolls unique?
As much as I trust this person I will take this with a grain of salt.

Everaftermonsters said that they know next years SDCC and it will still have the current doll body type. So changes are expected to come in about 1-2 years.

Do you guys have any theories on why Mattel would do this?
Are you happy with this news?
If this is real would you stick around with MH?

If this is true,I can say that I will peacefully enjoy my last 1-2 years with Monster High if the changes are drastic. No reboot could ever capture the uniqueness that Monster High brought to the table and I will happily go down with the last Monster High doll to use the original body mold.

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Mattel just said that monster high is not getting a reboot it is eah that is getting reboot, the tumblr user is giving false information
Woah that's HUGE news if true! How is EAH getting a reboot? I'm a collector of both (started out EAH then got into MH which I love a thousand billion times more) but the last few EAH's releases have been AWFUL! I've bought FOUR Bunny Blanc dolls (returned some, some as gifts) and they are by far the ugliest, most defective looking doll I've ever owned!

where did you get that info? 

Great!but where did you see this?
Hm. I'm glad it's the other way around.

I really hope that's the case.  The EAH girls look like Honey Boo Boo and that needs to change.

My aunt works at mattel she works in the girls brands, she told me that mattel wants to make thier toys quality better and eah is great story and animation wise but many people have complained that the dolls look like clones and eah is getting a some major compettion so mattel wants each doll to look diffrent they want the dolls with more details and personality.Monster high has been doing great so far, mattel still want to improve the quality of the dolls, so they just make the dolls with more details the only major change mh is going to have is in animation

Thank you.
Well at least that's good.
I would love it if Mattel really did just restart with the whole MH universe(the cartoons only) and gave them one solid plot like EAH.
Nothing matches. The books are a complete different thing from what the diaries were and what the episodes and movies are.
Nothing really ties in.

Thank you for clarifying this - I was concerned that since Barbie has received a few makeovers during her tenure that MH might receive the same treatment.  

When you say "more details", are we talking about the outfits and accessories?  They've been experimenting more with makeup, as evidenced by the hybrid ghouls and Amanita - is that what they mean by "more details"?  They changed Lagoona's face-up for Monster Exchange and I'm not sure why.  They've gone back to her standard look for her subsequent releases.

the reboot being for EAH makes more sense b/c Mattel's going to get a lot of competition next year in the fairy tale doll theme from Hasbro releasing Disney Descendants and the new Princess line.


Why would they do this? Well, I don't have to ask. I've been seeing this happening with the Barbie lines for a while now. Articulated dolls cost more to make and the more sculpts you have the more you have to spend to make them all. Mattel is going to you know where in a handbasket and has been for a long time now. They're wondering why sales are down? Stuff like this is why. Doll collectors and kids they're both bored out of their minds with what's being offered by Mattel and it's showing in the sales figures. The more profit goes down the more they cut, scale back, cheapen the lines.

Sales of MH dolls have been down a bit. Too many dolls on the shelves and in their minds it's time to reboot or kill MH completely. Their cash cow line must go on OR ELSE. I've seen the new face paints. I'm not impressed. Everything I liked about Barbie and MH is nearly gone now. I will not be buying any of the new MH dolls. They're way too cartoony and I mean that in a BAD way for me. I think I am done. I've got over 100 MH dolls now and not too many new characters have caught my eye anyway. I was buying fewer of them. Might as well stop while I am ahead if this is where the line is going because it's not going to appeal at all to me.


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