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A bona fide pop culture phenomenon and a massive global franchise in over 60 countries Monster High is ranked as the third biggest fashion doll brand a $1 billion franchise annually and a top 5 global property for girls! Monster High empowers girls to express their individuality and form friendships that last beyond a lifetime.

Now entering its 6th year in the market, in 2016 the brand will embark on an exciting new chapter to maintain its relevance to the ever changing consumer. As an exciting disruptive everygreen brand Monster High will continue to represent via the monster metaphor what it means to be different, unique and empowering girls to be themselves as Mattel leads the way in creating, maintaining and driving strong girl empowerment brands.

The key elements that make the brand disruptive will remain but now infused with more play in the product whilst adding renewed focus on the core characters and stories as well as marketing what the brand stands for. The brand will have a fresh new look with new contemporary colours and graphics whilst still incorporating the iconic signatures that make the brand unique and relatable to the core audience of 6-10 year olds. The fresh new feel will also incorporate new photo real brand imagery creating the emotional connection with the core audience whilst maintaining the brands humour and relatability and sense of community. The brand will also launch an exciting new multiyear brand campaign and new consumer rallying cry “How Do You Boo” encouraging consumers to embrace what makes them unique and share how they Boo. Working with celebrities and brands spokespeople the campaign will communicate what it means to boo, to be yourself and start a movement encourage girls to do the same. This will also be brought to life through an empowering new Monster High Anthem launched through a music video that will be amplified through social media and PR. This will be supported with an extensive marketing campaign across multiply touch points and will be localised in key countries across the EuRoMEA region.

Entertainment will still be a key focus with the successful tentpoles as Monster High is ranked #2 children’s direct to video franchise. In Spring, join favourite ghoulfriends of Monster High in an all-new aquatic adventure, Great Scarrier Reef (70 minutes). In Fall fans will be treated to the untold origins story of Monster High and the Monsters that live among us (70 minutes).

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Well it's my disgust with the absolutely horribly constructed reboot venus that lead to the series of events culminating in Mattel sending police to my house, so... yeah. they don't care.

If you want a good look at those joints and how ugly they look and how weak they are, take a look at my Party Ghouls blog review.

I boiled her hands eventually to see if I could get them off, managed to remove one with a lot of force but the other one tore and broke.

The actual pegs inside are too large for the socket so they're not designed to come apart and pulling them apart WILL break them.

Thing is, any kid who's had mh previously first thing they'll do is rip those hands off to change the doll's outfit right? and the new hands don't come off. So either the kid will hurt themselves or break the doll because why would anyone suspect that suddenly a huge feature would just be gone without any annoucement?

and the gappy legs and elbows are a big issue as well, they leave a weakness in that joint so every time you bend them you're putting strain on a thin plastic peg rather than the hinge section of the joint, and the reboot bodies are already really stiff and hard to pose, add that to exposed little pegs and you've got knee and elbow snapping all over the place.

The new bodies were supposed to be more robust and stronger, able to withstand PLAY but instead they're giving us a substandard product that WILL break.

So harder to dress, harder to pose, more fragile... it's so many steps in the wrong direction.

And the sad thing is, parents will still buy these not realising, heck, even fans are still buying Venus dolls with this bizarre attitude that "real fans don't complain" which is utterly insane.

I feel like at this point, there are honestly people out there who would take a literal turd if it had a MH logo stamped on it, and that's scary. I mean, they're the reason companies like Mattel don't care. They know there's still people stupid enough to give them money for any ol' crap.

Much like the Bratz fans back in 2010 who claimed the 10/10/10 Bratz heads falling off out the box was "a feature" rather than shoddy workmanship.

I mean how deluded do you need to be?

I'm convinced Mattel are just milking the last bit of cash they can out of this franchise before they take it out back to shoot it in the head, and it's horrible to watch. Bow out with some dignity guys, don't drag your brand through the dirt first!

I have so much more respect for MGA at this point, not only because their customer service boss lady was cool and rang me to appologise for their phoneline mook being useless (this was quite a while ago) making me feel like my custom MATTERED, but because when bratz sales slumped this time around they didn't do this "quick, let's throw gimmicks at it! let's cheap out and milk the last ounce of money from this!" they said "okay, it isn't working. We're pulling out and rethinking."

they left with dignity and they pulled their brand on a high note. (in fact really, they often end on a high note. You look at Bratzillaz, the third wave was the best one. Moxie Teenz they switched to rooted scalps but otherwise the dolls were still great and had really nice formal outfits. Even the pssst we're taller Bratz weren't bad. I think they actually listen to their customers, Mattel don't want to.)

We can yell and scream and demand all we want but Mattel won't change, because they simply do not care. the only thing they care about is profit, so the only way to protest their crap is to not buy their product. And even then, there's plenty of people who will. We're too small to matter and that's why they treat complaints with such contempt. That's why they don't care. They're so huge they don't HAVE to care.

But it does mean i'll be giving my money to companies who do at least pretend to value my custom and who listen to their consumers. Hasbro, MGA, Spinmaster (gosh I miss spinmaster dolls.), Moose (Character Online, their distributor, are so nice.)

I'm at a point with my collecting now where customer service and real stand out production really does matter. This means i'm sinking back into vintage dolls, because really, if I want a doll with problems, i'd rather it be a 50 year old than a brand new one.

Hello, purple_monkfish,

Wow! You don't have to discuss the police incident further if you don't want to, as it may be a rather uncomfortable topic for you, but I am feeling rather curious, because I can't imagine....You must've been scared!?

I had no idea about the 10/10/10 Bratz head issue, although I got two of those dolls around the time of the 100th Anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire (Early 2011, and I'm noting that because I got dolls with old-fashioned-sounding names because of that anniversary), but I later got rid of them. I actually had a few of the taller Bratz dolls, too, but, eventually, I got rid of them, as well.

The thing is that I have actually never really been able to force myself to like the Bratz, and so that's why it's so disappointing when the types of dolls that I actually did like are becoming worse and worse.

I totally understand where you're coming from, with regards to your wanting a company to make any moves that they're going to make with dignity. Any company worth it's salt will do that.

If enough people just stop buying the new Monster High dolls (The 2017 ones), Mattel will eventually have to take notice, because their profits will be driven right through the floor, and they'll be in danger of being six feet under financially, especially if those same angry customers also stop buying the non-articulated Fashionistas!

I can't tell you how frustrated I am with the fact that Mattel won't even articulate these new Fashionista dolls! They're doing the same thing with almost every line of theirs (Are we supposed to kiss their big toe because of the Made to Move dolls? Those are, like, the only truly poseable Mattel dolls on the market right now, and I find them to be much, much less attractive, bodywise, then the graceful, jointed-ankle Fashionistas, anyway. They really only look good in long sleeves and pants, and that's not cool with me, which is why I only have one, and which is also why I only want one other....) We fans want jointed dolls of all body types, because that would actually be cool!

I guess that the new idea among doll enthusiasts should be to just look around in the store a lot, observing and thinking seriously about what the newer dolls are really like, because it's not gonna kill us to not buy Mattel's latest "big news" item.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf

Well apparently mattel's sales are waaaay down, especially Barbie.

Which is why I wonder if this sabotage of all non barbie brands is intentional. *sigh*

it's depressing.

I'm totally boycotting them as it stands, i'll only buy secondhand so Mattel don't get a single cent of my money. I told them this, gave them an opportunity to phone and discuss how rapidly things had escalated but they didn't want to. I have three kids too, and multiple neices none of whom shall get Mattel or Fisher Price products as gifts now.

There's always MGA owned Little Tykes instead and Hasbro etc.

As for the cop issue, track down my blog (same name as on here) and you can probably find my blow by blow recount of the whole sorry mess. It escalated, it got ugly fast and yes, I would have been scared had I been home. Thankfully I wasn't so they phoned me all "we're outside your house"

Which made me pretty anxious anyway. At first I thought we'd been robbed or something and then they were all "a toy company called us" and I was all "oh no, restraining order!" but no, they were just being jerks. I hadn't done anything actually illegal.

But yeah, crazy.

But to be fair, the latest MH and EAH releases have been so crap i'm not really missing not buying them. I liked the fashionistas but not enough that I really miss not buying them.

I've dipped my toe back into my first dolly love, vintage dolls with a lovely 1976 Tiffany Taylor on the way to me. And BJDs, which are insanely expensive so I can only really buy one every few months lol. Which my shelves and storage space appreciates.

So, you know, it was an awful experience but it's pushed me toward less hoarding and more being very selective which I suppose is a good thing. I kinda needed the push.

Out October 2017


So fanfictiony but I know kids will LOVE this. Too bad it's been released so late, this should have come out like 18 months ago when EAH was still a thing.

Still, a fair few people were disappointed they didn't do that crossover movie so this should make them happy.

Shannon Hale wrote all the EAH books didn't she? Someone else did the MH ones. I never got around to reading any of either, I kinda wanted to read the second MH series because it was a lot more like the diaryverse supposedly (the comics were fun)

October this year, I seriously doubt EAH will even be on shelves by that point so it really does seem a bit late to the party. Heck, EAH have been gone from UK shelves since the start of this year, they're totally gone.

can I just say, the artwork on this cover isn't very pretty. I dunno, the eah girls look... wierd. Really weird.

It's kinda freaking me out lol.

Omg Raven and Apple stop staring at me with your soulless creepy eyes!


ooo i liked the other Eah books, ill give this one a read too.


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