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A bona fide pop culture phenomenon and a massive global franchise in over 60 countries Monster High is ranked as the third biggest fashion doll brand a $1 billion franchise annually and a top 5 global property for girls! Monster High empowers girls to express their individuality and form friendships that last beyond a lifetime.

Now entering its 6th year in the market, in 2016 the brand will embark on an exciting new chapter to maintain its relevance to the ever changing consumer. As an exciting disruptive everygreen brand Monster High will continue to represent via the monster metaphor what it means to be different, unique and empowering girls to be themselves as Mattel leads the way in creating, maintaining and driving strong girl empowerment brands.

The key elements that make the brand disruptive will remain but now infused with more play in the product whilst adding renewed focus on the core characters and stories as well as marketing what the brand stands for. The brand will have a fresh new look with new contemporary colours and graphics whilst still incorporating the iconic signatures that make the brand unique and relatable to the core audience of 6-10 year olds. The fresh new feel will also incorporate new photo real brand imagery creating the emotional connection with the core audience whilst maintaining the brands humour and relatability and sense of community. The brand will also launch an exciting new multiyear brand campaign and new consumer rallying cry “How Do You Boo” encouraging consumers to embrace what makes them unique and share how they Boo. Working with celebrities and brands spokespeople the campaign will communicate what it means to boo, to be yourself and start a movement encourage girls to do the same. This will also be brought to life through an empowering new Monster High Anthem launched through a music video that will be amplified through social media and PR. This will be supported with an extensive marketing campaign across multiply touch points and will be localised in key countries across the EuRoMEA region.

Entertainment will still be a key focus with the successful tentpoles as Monster High is ranked #2 children’s direct to video franchise. In Spring, join favourite ghoulfriends of Monster High in an all-new aquatic adventure, Great Scarrier Reef (70 minutes). In Fall fans will be treated to the untold origins story of Monster High and the Monsters that live among us (70 minutes).

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I'm hoping Monster High makes it to their 10 year anniversary if not 15. Who knows what the doll industry will be like by then. If you notice throughout the years dolls go through phases, companies have to switch them up a bit to keep them new and trendy and right now the trend is cute, sweet and innocent, for example Lalaloopsy, LOL surprise dolls, Etc. all the doll brands were doing it and still are. But I think we just need to give it some time and not give up on them quite yet and they may start to revert back to their edgier styles. Notice Barbie is starting to become edgier with their fashionistas dolls. Barbie has gone through many reboots so to speak or getting a makeover every decade or so. It happens. I still have hope for the brand :)

thing is, Barbie really is an anomaly. She kinda birthed the whole fashion doll industry and has become SO synonymous with the whole doll thing that people use the term "barbie" to refer to ALL fashion dolls. She'll never die because she can't, she's this icon, this huge... thing... she's more than a product, she's THE product.

Monster HIgh I fear suffers in the same way Bratz has. It's very much a one trick pony, a product of a specific point in time and a specific trend/fad. Bratz was a real symbol of this hugely spendy culture, bling, fashion, rebelling, it was all a big part of the early 2000s. But times change and these days Bratz just can't gain traction because that culture just isn't present.

MH came out at a time where supernatural stuff was hugely popular, but that's fading back now. They were successful because they also managed to bridge the gap between kid who has Barbies and older collectors, they were horror themed which made them edgy and cool enough that tweens and teens didn't need to feel like they were "a baby toy", they were pop culturey and thus "cool" and appropriate for an older audience.

I have no doubt their success was because they tapped an untapped market, the 10-16 bracket which toy companies just ignore. But Mattel doesn't seem to understand HOW to market to that demographic, so panicking, they've reverted to what works for Barbie.

but the thing is, what works for barbie doesn't work for mH because the very reason MH was successful was because it was SO DIFFERENT to barbie and any other fashion dolls out there.

The sad fact is most toy lines have a life span and that life span is about 5-6 years. trends change, kids age out of toys, and very few franchises can survive that. Okay some do, but quite often it seems after a disasterous g2.

I'd love to see MH g3 going back to their roots, or actually embracing this horror market which is huge.

Will g2 kill the franchise? Personally right now I think it's doing a death spiral, because all the stuff they're throwing out very much feels like the sort of things doll lines and toy lines in general start to spit out when they're about to be cancelled. Why? not a clue, it's bizarre, but it happens a LOT.

has done for decades. You can kinda tell where in a run a toy is by how gimmicky and bizarre and not fitting with the previously established aesthetic it is.

But, that said, even after bad reboots, franchises can still come back. MH might have life in it yet, but I don't think it's this generation.

We'll see.

But I suspect another reboot, or Mattel just cancelling it and giving up. They do seem pretty keen on there being ONLY Barbie (like highlander but with dolls)

Perhaps they just need a different design team?

Barbie shelf warms too though, not just MH. In my opinion MH dolls still look more appealing and unique to me than any other doll on the market. I was scanning them all and none of them interest me like MH still does.

I think the issue with the brand is Garrett Sander no longer designs for the dolls!

He left. I don't know if it was his decision or Mattel's

anybody watch Grimm? last night they had a a creepy tree creature that sacrificed people who damaged the environment to some equally creepy blood eating god-tree. Just reminded me of all this talk of how a tree nymph doesn't fit a monster theme, well those 2 certainly did, lol!

"I'm hoping Monster High makes it to their 10 year anniversary if not 15"

Don't hold your breath in vain because they won't make it that long. MH has 1 year left, 2 at most, before it really does come to a complete end. The only way to save the franchise is to stop G2 and start G3... and going back to their roots.

The 10 year anniversary is next year...that seems to fall into your 1-2 year box based on my calculations. And they will never ever go back to G1 style with "G3". They're more than proud and satisfied with G2.

no it's not. MH came out in late 2010/early 2011. It's 2017, which means they're on year 6 currently and next year will be year 8.

And you say that, but look at Hasbro with MLP. They were i'm sure proud of their G2 ponies, but the fans weren't happy with it. It managed a year in the US, 3 years in europe before they gave up and redesigned going back to the original cutesy pudgey design but with some new directions.

Edit: I was a year out. According to my photos I picked up my first MH doll in July 2010, which means they hit the UK summer of 2010 and a few months earlier in the US (May?)

"The 10 year anniversary is next year...that seems to fall into your 1-2 year box based on my calculations"

Sorry to say that your calculations are terribly wrong. The first dolls came out in July 2010. So that will be 7 years this summer. The 10th year would only be in 2020. Next year, 2018, will be the 8th anniversary, if they make it that far. So I remain right and they will most likely never reach their 10th anniversary.

"And they will never ever go back to G1 style with "G3"

Sorry but you cannot make such an assumption. They could easily go back toG1 style, with a few ameliorations, for G3, if there ever is a G3.  Also, they're quite far from being proud and satisfied with G2 considering the huge drop in sales and the increasing amount of complaints they keep receiving about G2.


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