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A bona fide pop culture phenomenon and a massive global franchise in over 60 countries Monster High is ranked as the third biggest fashion doll brand a $1 billion franchise annually and a top 5 global property for girls! Monster High empowers girls to express their individuality and form friendships that last beyond a lifetime.

Now entering its 6th year in the market, in 2016 the brand will embark on an exciting new chapter to maintain its relevance to the ever changing consumer. As an exciting disruptive everygreen brand Monster High will continue to represent via the monster metaphor what it means to be different, unique and empowering girls to be themselves as Mattel leads the way in creating, maintaining and driving strong girl empowerment brands.

The key elements that make the brand disruptive will remain but now infused with more play in the product whilst adding renewed focus on the core characters and stories as well as marketing what the brand stands for. The brand will have a fresh new look with new contemporary colours and graphics whilst still incorporating the iconic signatures that make the brand unique and relatable to the core audience of 6-10 year olds. The fresh new feel will also incorporate new photo real brand imagery creating the emotional connection with the core audience whilst maintaining the brands humour and relatability and sense of community. The brand will also launch an exciting new multiyear brand campaign and new consumer rallying cry “How Do You Boo” encouraging consumers to embrace what makes them unique and share how they Boo. Working with celebrities and brands spokespeople the campaign will communicate what it means to boo, to be yourself and start a movement encourage girls to do the same. This will also be brought to life through an empowering new Monster High Anthem launched through a music video that will be amplified through social media and PR. This will be supported with an extensive marketing campaign across multiply touch points and will be localised in key countries across the EuRoMEA region.

Entertainment will still be a key focus with the successful tentpoles as Monster High is ranked #2 children’s direct to video franchise. In Spring, join favourite ghoulfriends of Monster High in an all-new aquatic adventure, Great Scarrier Reef (70 minutes). In Fall fans will be treated to the untold origins story of Monster High and the Monsters that live among us (70 minutes).

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the hair looks like electrified.

i hope to god for a 'collectors doll' it isnt the same quality.


She is strange. Gorgeous, but strange. Hopefully the crimps will be nice crimps like Mc2 Bryden, rather than the nasty Electrified crimps.

AIEEEE... no.. I don't like that... at all. I really... really don't

she looks weird.

She looks ott.

her hair looks horrible

her face looks like she got doodled on.

I'm sure some people will dig it but noooope, big huge nope from me. that dress, the weird ice eyebrows... the inexplicably don't match anything else pink shoes. It's like.. cave man does runway, wth?

I'm just gonna back away slowly.

What the hell is that? Is this a joke?

She looks like a drag queen. A really bad drag queen with zero makeup skills, who put the cheapest possible wig on her head and dressed up with the first rags she could find. This is seriously disastrous.

to me, she looks like a child scribbled on her face and she got electrocuted.

I don't get the cavegirl look. I really don't understand it.

The giant ice eyebrows of super bushiness? the outfit that's half shaved yak half dress?

the pink shoes?

She decapitated her pet and is wearing it on her head?


Just... I dont... I don't see Abbey... at all.

and fur just doesn't work on a skirt. It looks so... heavy and clumpy.

There's literally nothing about this doll I like. Which is quite a feat.

Poor Quimbear.... still failing to get at me.

 Electrified Abbey is actually the opposite of amazing. She's simply disastrous and they did not put a lot of work into her, especially by comparison with some older version, like Ghouls Rule or Sweet Screams.

Oh cut it out ffs. It's just petty at this point.

You're as bad as one another.

I'm tired of it.

the hair is really throwing me off. other than that it is not that bad.

The more I look at her, the less I like her.

i'm with you here. I just can't work out what they were thinking, like... usually even with the hot mess dolls you can kinda understand the thought process that lead to that design. You can see this sort of "they aimed and they missed" thing. Like Bonita's terrible dress which I believe they were going for "retro sort of thrift store" and got "ice skater" by accident. Or those 70s jumpsuits of Clawdeen's. Like, you can sort of see the trajectory, the original idea and then the stages. This one? I just can't even think what the heck the initial brief was.

"make an abbey doll that looks like a prehistoric neanderthal mixed with a prom dress"? because that's what I see. Cave girl at prom.

did they see the mammoth and think "oh yes, prehistoric"?
That's the only explanation I can come up with. that they went with her pet rather than anything about her.

I mean, i'd understand a siberian sort of cultural outfit to tie in with Skelita's scaritage outfit. That would have been interesting to see. I'd have understood a long flowy ice queen outfit.

But... cave girl..


she even has a bone in her hair.

all she needs is a club in one hand.

It's bizarre and feels so.... not Abbey.

I agree with you 100%.
This Abbey is just such a miss. To me the main problem is that there is so much zig zag going around. The crimped hair is enough. If the dress would have been just straight edges with fur ends instead of a zig zag pattern it would improve this look a thousand times. If the shoes had been a black or dark blue it wouldn't look so harsh. But to me those shoes are just unacceptable. In fact I'm almost 90% positive that the shoes are e recolored version of her G1 basic outfit. The fur around them should either be just a trim or cover up the whole damn shoe. It's at that ugly midpoint. I can see where they wanted to go with her makeup but it just looks so odd to us because fashion wise Abbey has never shown to be a cultural tribe character. Her outfits have always been this cute little simple alaskan themed dress but since they're bringing in this tribe look now it strikes as odd to us because none of her fashions have ever looked like that.
I hate the doll.
Edit: after looking at some close ups I realized that the shoes are new molds which is worse because they're even uglier lmao. Did the G1 shoe designer get fired or something because seriously? A snowball heel? What is this an OC? If they really wanted to go straight for that tribe look they should've given her shoes like Batsy Claros and gotten rid of the fur. On a positive note I do like the makeup and the hair attempt. In fact I've made up my mind and K actually love the face up but in general the execution of the outfit and concept makes it a no for me.

Yuck! I really don't like reboot Abbey's face at all, so this doll just looks like a big hot mess!


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