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found it today Tru $29.99...

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We have basic Jackson and Coffin Bean Frankie with yellow hair. No rush for this set just to get the change of doll clothes..certainly not at scalper prices. I'll pick it up or order online if I happen upon it on sale though.

Here's a video review of the pair;

They look so cute together. Although, Jackson's hair looks so weird & muffin-y, I wonder if this is why they redesigned Invisibilly with longer hair, so he doesn't look as awkward? :-/

found this set today in IL!

I sure hope NC gets this soon..The anticipation is killing me! Lol

Got mine today in SoCal!  Called 4 different TRUs; all 4 of them had just gotten trucks in, but only one of them had the sets staged to hit the sales floor.  When I got there, I found that they had held the whole case for me and let me choose the one I wanted.  Woo hoo!

I went today, and sadly didn't find any. :(  Their Monster High section was kinda sad. :(  The only new thing they had stocked was Ghouls Rule, and no Slo Mo. :(  I did pick up the last girl I needed from the set, Venus, because I didn't want to leave empty-handed.


Wilkes-Barre, PA TRU has them. I got one and there were 3-4 left on the shelf. 


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