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Hey guys the Monster high design team is on Syfy's Face-off. They ask the cast of Face-Off to create Monster High characters. Very exciting. The episode is not yet up on the syfy website but here the link.

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I've been wishing for this challenge for 5 years. It finally happens and it turns out to be extremely disappointing in the end. Too many interesting ghouls with nice body details were left out of the selection choices.

^yeah they picked the usual main 5 ... & Cleo is just too human looking, She's really more of a costume challenge then a make-up/prosthetics one...and Abbey was a poor choice since her doll version really has no simian features on her face. Im hoping therell be another challenge next season and we get some new characters as choices.

These pictures don't do justice to how they look on tv in the show!

yeah I saw it last night! I was totally surprised b/c I wasnt expecting it at all, I guess I missed last weeks promo. I really like how Draculaura and Venus came out. Id love a Draculaura doll with that dress the model wore.

Main 5? Frankie was not there at all. And Venus was actually one of the worst design.

oh thats right, I forgot she wasnt included. Thats odd they didnt include her. And I meant I liked Lagoona not Venus. Venus had horrible teeth!

Especially considering they used Frankie in the promos for the episode.

I didn't catch the show but the bits I've seen I wasn't all that impressed. Face Off has some amazing creations and these seemed a bit half hearted.

My favorite was Skelita. I think when and if the movie gets made the characters will probably look something like Cleo. Simple in make-up, flaws and their outfits will be what define who they are on screen. I don't they will go with the design of Lagoona which was the winner, although that is what I would prefer.

Lagoona won! I love faceoff!

I think the episode was okay. Didn't dig Venus or Clawdeen at all. I wish they hadn't done Draculaura in her sweet 1600 dress and instead done something more everyday. Was I the only one confused as to who these "super fans" were? I know Monster High has a pretty big fan base but I recognized none of the people up there as judges. Who are they?

Yay abbey was included this is very interesting, I don't know anything about the show I haven't heard of it before, what's it about?

still think Spectra should have been included though and a Male character but still pretty cool. 

Face Off is a special effects show, they set challenges every week and the artists have to create the sculpts, props and outfit (including design and construction) within a time limit.

Then they're judged on originality, sculpt, finish, everything and someone gets eliminated. It's an awesome show! Some challenges are grotesque (zombies, horror characters etc) some are cute (Dr Seuss characters, beautiful aliens etc).

They also have extra challenges (they did a zombie challenge, but the zombies would be doing a vigorous dance routine, and it had to withstand it).

Ok I'm done with my fangirl rant XD


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