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News and Reviews of Monster High Dolls, Plush Toys, and More! YES!!!, I don't even care if he's a SDCC exclusive! in my opinion he's SOOO much better than a Bland Gory, who happens to be the franchises THIRD official Vampire  or a Odd Harpy character who's hair would more than likely NEVER change. and (this is probably wishful thinking) they'd wide release him soon afterwards, only if he's a SDCC exclusive would they do that. if he get's a wide release for his first doll we'd probably need to wait like a year or 2 for another doll of him...but who cares!? at least he'll have ONE doll!

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While I am excited to see what they do with Finnegan, I'd prefer Quil. She is one of the two background characters I want a doll for.

We'll see all three i'm certain. And this doesn't really sway my theory that Finnegan will be the SDCC exclusive. He screams exclusive and i'm willing to bet at least one of these three WILL debut as an exclusive.

My concern with Finnegan being the exclusive is the "boy doll, awkward sculpt" issue I have with Manny. I just cannot see them being able to slot Manny into any lines (much like plush hoodude never has reappeared in any other form). the girls get a release about a year later (a few years in Wydowna's case) but the boys? We have no real idea with them.

Hoodude was a one off, I would be very surprised to see Manny make a reappearance to be perfectly honest (Iris yes, not Manny, which is precisely WHY I shelled out for the sdcc exclusive set) and Finnegan I can see going that same way. He'll be very expensive to produce.

However, the fact there were people dedicated enough to keep clicking and make sure he won sends a clear message to Mattel. YES, the riskier designs ARE popular and we DO want these.

I bet Gory will still get the first release regardless. She's the easiest one to make. The wording on facebook is a bit ambiguous saying he'll be "next to get a doll". Next after what? All the stuff they've already planned?

I shelled out for manny and Iris and I will shell out for homeboy! I'm so glad he won

As I said before, Gory is basically Draculaura with a bad haircut and a regular mole and glasses. And her personality is even worse than Torelei and Nefera's combined in my opinion. I mean Gory is basically mean and conceited for no real reason at all especially towards Howleen and Draculaura. If I was Howleen in 13 Wishes and Gory told me that I don't belong anywhere, I'd have said to her, "At least I can put on make up properly in a mirror unlike YOU. Have you seen your make up? It looks like a clown that got her make up done by a blind zombie. Oh wait. I forgot. YOU CAN'T  SEE YOURSELF!" and then leave that b**** speechless.

WoooooHoooo.....Im glad....I mean we all know they are gonna be creating all 3 eventually.....but Im glad to know he will be 1st.


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