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I think they should release t-shirts in adult sizes. For all the adults who also LOVE Monster High. They have some cute t-shirt designs and Im not ashamed to say I love and support the Monster High Line. I almost got one at Kmart, but only if they where a bit larger I would of got it.

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Yes! I agree completely! :)

A men's line with things like 'Ghous Rule' and black and white pics of The main four would be awesome too!

Not that I'd actually be ashamed to wear a girls top xD if it's a Tshirt and has no...urm....chest lines...I don't know what they're called. Then who'd know otherwise (unless they're pink and frilly...which I doubt they'd be) 


I see little girls with fabulous t-shirts, and I get envy. But I think that the design would have to change a bit...

Anyways, I think they won't do it, because it is a big risk of loosing money, since MH is more popular among children.

I agree with you VaughanH7, my husband too likes Monster High and there's no reason why they shouldn't also have a men's line. There are men characters like Jackson, Clawd Wolf,Gil, Heath,Deuce and we can't forget Holt Hyde.


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