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My Walmart just put out all the reboot stuff and they have the three-packs out, but I still like the mystery of the blind bags more. So far I haven't gotten any repeats, and I got a Rochelle today! :)

Seems like new blind bag minis are out. Somebody got a candy glitter Abbey!!!
Do they look the same as season 1?
I think s new batch. It was an Abbey with glitter on her hair. I'm not sure what else comes in that wave because the poster only bought one mini. I'm curious. They didn't have it at my Walmart at all.

The 3 packs at Walmart and Target have a glitter Abby. Maybe its that one.  Its a set of 3 and you can see who you are getting.



I was wondering if anyone had any updates on these?  I know the Halloween ones are sold at Wal marts, but I have yet to find any. I know they come in orange boxes. I have been looking in the doll aisle, the end caps and Halloween sections at Walmart, just in case.

Now I see up on Ebay wave 2 and wave 3 are out? Do the boxes have any differences on them, they all look like they still say wave 1? i was hoping the packaging may be different to show  new batch? Does any one have a list of who's wave 2 and who's wave 3?  If any one knows the codes, please post, I just want a set for me.  Kat

There's a really good list of codes on the MH Arena forum:,12106.0.html

That should help you with the codes and assortments.


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