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I'm guessing there's either a code on the packs like many blind bags do, or you'll be ordering one already opened to see who it is.  

I was actually wondering if anyone has found these in store yet and if they can look for a code on the box.

My sister is very addicted to bling bags, so she will definitely get a lot, and as cute as these are I probably will too!  If you can't get the one you want, I'm sure we'll stumble across it.  If not us, surely someone here.

Is this part of the reboot? Is that moanica? How can you say you're not replacing Ghoulia when there's no ghoulia mini!

No Ghoulia, no Spectra, no Operetta... and a few other absents.

This is not a good sign

I was surprised there's Venus tbh. But yeah, no Ghoulia or Spectra worries me. Pretty sure they're gone and it sucks. Why would they do that? Just... makes no sense.

Been looking for these every time I'm at work at Walmart, but none yet. We haven't gotten any of the reboot dolls in yet either, so maybe that's when they'll start showing up. I'm not crazy about the reboot but I really want some of these cute little minis. 

Has anyone been able to find these in stores? I have checked several walmarts and have had no luck at all. 

well in america they are

The Walmart I work at hasn't gotten them in yet. There is another one in the area so I may check there too. I'm also probably going to check the local TRU to see if they got any.


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