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They're my favorite in the line too. I want that superhero draculaura!
I like that sleepy eyes catrine too. Omg I can't wait to get these!

How small are they exactly?

I believe they will be 1.5 inches tall.
So tiny! Do you know when they'll be out? Blind bag?
Oh wow they're so cute!! I wonder how much they'll be

on the bottom left (not shown above but here) the price says $2.99

how much are blind bags usually? 

$.99-9.99 depending on the size, number of toys per package, license, etc.


Oh. These are cute. *-*
I'll get a couple of these.

Ooh, these are so cute. If I'm going to stop collecting the dolls when the reboot kicks in I can at least get my MH fix with these. They're blind bags, right? I might get addicted. :P


Someone has to say it... These are too small and too unattractive to be worth buying.  Also, I very much dislike the nubby arms and legs.  I'm almost positive these will be blind bagged considering the cost and design effort that would be needed to package 50+ different varieties of figures.  Could a UPC code fit on a box that small?  Thinking more about the microscopic size, I feel any appreciation of the figures' design details would be lost, especially when you realize the high potential for paint flaws.  The video definitely shows the paint jobs more clearly... yikes!


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