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Monster High Mega Sale 6/9/14 Slashed a couple prices!

Hello! I'm weeding out my extensive MH collection yet again! I have loose CAM dolls, NIB dolls, NIB fashion packs, NIB CAM expansions, Empty boxes, Extra pieces, wigs, clothes, stands, and brushes!

*Click the link at the bottom to see the photos!!*

Couple of things:

Shipping will be determined when you decide what you are buying, but  Rough estimate would be $10 for an in box doll, $5 for a loose doll, and $1-$5 for loose pieces depending on how many you're buying.

Some of the torsos I am selling were bought from a third party maker, and were sold as their "F" lot. Meaning they aren't that great. They work in a pinch, and would be better if the arm and leg pieces were glued on to them. I just wanted to be honest with you guys in that regard.

Pricing: (I'm not doing pricing for all the little bits. Lets just say $0.50-$1 depending on what you're wanting mmkay?)

Empty Boxes Best Offer

Dot Dead Gorgeous Operetta $10

Dance Class Operetta $7

Roller Derby Operetta $7

Swim Lagoona $5

Dance Class Lagoona $7

Lagoona Ghouls night out $10

Frankie Fashion Pack $5

Catrine De Mew $10

Polterghoul $10


Unboxed Torali fashion pack

Jackson Jekyll shirt and vest

Two Cam boy wigs
Cam boy uniform

Unboxed Draculaura club fashion pack


Ghouls Rule Draculaura

Basic Venus

Harpy Cam expansion

Back to School Lagoona

Puma CAM

lagoona fp

operetta fp

Anything CAM or loose pieces and parts and clothes has been sold. 

Lagoona Plushie


Currently on hold:


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I don't like shipping internationally its very expensive. 

Christian said:

Would you ship to Germany too?

Do u have the gargoyle boy cam

Any word on that lab coat?

Sorry, he's one of the ones I'm keeping. 

Gigi said:

Do u have the gargoyle boy cam

Sorry, it was sold. 

katieklassified said:

Any word on that lab coat?

Is the vampire boy complete

The vampire has been sold. 

Gigi said:

Is the vampire boy complete

Still have a few dolls!

Interested in poulterghoul and swim class lagoona


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