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Hey guys!
I just wanted to share my latest Fan Fic inspired by DA memeber MHScreemQueen's Date with Draculogan contest!
I also drew a pic - check it out!

Let me know what ya think, it's not quite finished yet so please follow my blog if its interesting enough for you. <3

Thanks for reading!


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Hiya Catzi my friend! Great to see you here. I'll check out the links once I get hold of my laptop!
Hey there! <3
Thanks! I'd appreciate the feedback!

*clickies link and starts reading*

Catzilerella said:

Hey there! <3
Thanks! I'd appreciate the feedback!

What I have to say:

The plot was interesting, and I can't wait to read more. However, I found the first-person extremely distracting. But.. DRAKE AND MEI FOREVER! :D Aurek should be with Catzi!

/random comment on her OC shipping couples

P.S. I suck at critiques, sorry.

daw, haah, Thanks. I'm glad to hear it was interesting enough.
Hehe, have you read the fanfic by Brett? It's a very fun read about Drake and Mei.
CAtzi totally digs Aurek, but she's kinda guy crazy.
and you mean the fact that it was written in first person makes it distracting?

I wrote first-person! I meant present-tense! *whacks head* I don't mind first person at all, just not present-tense

I love A Siren's Call! In fact, one of my OCs is in it. Guess who? :) Alexis Underworld the mentally insane goddess herself! I have yet to see an update on that fanfic, hope for one soon!

P.S I like postscripts.

ohh! XD Yeah I tend to write in present tense, soemtiems I switch back and forth and don't really realzie. haha

I do too! It's so fun!
And yes! I remeber Alexis! <3
I hope for one soon too!

I used to switch tense all the time, so I just stick to past tense.

You do? I feel loved. *prays for Brett to update*

Yay! *reads*

Catzilerella said:


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