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So I was thinking about how the Monster High Girl to Boy doll ratio almost always is 100:-1.

You usually see 3-4 Clawdeen or Draculaura dolls omnipresently while say Holt and Clawd are MIA (The Clawdeen/Draculaura and Clawd situation was most prominent during Sweet 1600's reign.)

Would a solution to this be more store exclusive male dolls even if they're in a 2 pack with their ghoulfriend and in a specifically male-oriented doll line aside from Man-sters

-a second wave and even third wave of the Man-sters 2-pack;

-Clawd and Jackson since the ghouls thought they were about to fight each other but it was proven wrong
-Heath and Manny because a Manny TRU exclusive doll would go good with an Iris I <3 Fashion doll and if you haven't noticed non-canon-to-webisode MH dolls are always present like Dance Class Gil or any swim class dolls after Venus, Draculaura and Lagoona. We haven't even seen them in their swim class attire in the webisodes.

-a second wave of Picnic Casket dolls with Invisibilly and Scarah
-a third wave with Clawd and Draculaura (it would be a re-incarnation of the depressingly elusive Music Festival 2-pack.)
-a pipe-dream fourth wave with Howleen and Romulus (the box text can say she set up a picnic trap for him and he received an "anonymous" note saying to meet a lucky lady where the picnic trap has been set up. The box art can be her in Megara's pose when she had told Hercules, "Take me I'm yours" and him either

A-Looking oblivious towards her affections.

B-Acknowledging her with a smirk

C-Looking over her and for the lucky lady while she is gazing lovingly at him


D-Her hugging him while he has a confused expression

-I <3 Fashion dolls involving male dolls (I'm up for anything Invisibilly and with his Scaremester, a most likely to happen next picnic casket doll and unlikely but not impossible I <3 Fashion doll, he would be nothing too short of omnipresent. It would also go nice with Scarah's.) Another valid male candidate is Heath; for those who have Abbey, it would be nice to see him in that format and have her too. Talk about dying everyday waiting for him for a thousand years LOL. The last candidate was Deuce to go with Cleo but I've also entered in my head the possibility of Neightan getting one.

-A Romulus doll in general. He doesn't even need to be in a two pack or gimmick, He would sell reasonably as a stand-alone doll if he is shipped reasonably.

I didn't mention Bram because he is supposedly to be in 2-pack with Gory which is fine with me.

I'm interested in Seth and Lux although I'm sure Lux is a girl because it's just a letter off from the Hispanic girl name Luz.

What do you guys think?

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This is what I meant by the Megara thing BTW.

I think that generally just continuing the mansters 2-pack would be nice at giving all the males an opportunity at dolls.
And we all know a certain blue skin red haired character needs some love.
And if Mattel really finds two male characters in one box really that unsellable then Picnic Casket would be also be really nice to have.
Personally I feel like Seth and Lux will be twin males(I hope they're Siamese twins that will be added to Freak Du Chic later on,after all that line has no males in it so far.But I know that's probably nor going to happen.).
But you do make a reasonable point about Lux possibly being female(2 new males in 1 box sounds waaay too good) I never really thought about that option.
If Seth and Lux are both male, I think that they would be the two mice that Meowlody and Purrsephone were chasing in Games Ghouls Play. Other than that, I feel Lux is female.

Holt does need more love (and to be separated from Jackson.) Now that I think about it, the music festival should have been him with Operetta and not a kMart exclusive or exclusive to any store.

The last male I have in mind for anything is Hoodude and that he should have been fused with Jackson in Freaky Fusion; would've, could've, should've.
If really necessary at all, I'd take a Clawd and Romulus 2-pack. That aside, I'd rather get him in a solo release.

mansters mansters! the two pack was awesome and unexpected and i'd love to see more of them. Heath and Manny would make a great set as they're pretty much never apart. Those two have some serious bromance goin on lol.

I'd love to see a I heart fashion boy, with the slogan "boys can be fashionably fierce too" or something. Heck, have clawd in a range of outfits his sister designed lol. Have her on the box art looking critical and holding up fabric swatches or something.

We desperately need a new Holt, he's the most woefully underdeveloped and underutilised character. It's a huge shame because he has potential. An Operetta/Holt date pack perhaps, or a second wave release of him in a full outfit bah. You could do a family set of him and his cousin Heath. heck, do a two pack of him and jackson as a "two sides of the same coin" sort of thing. Split the box down the middle with like a mirror and the two looking at one another.

speaking of family packs... Deuce/Viperine two pack. Set it up as some sort of family get together.

Bram and Gory NEED to come in a two pack or i'll cry. lol. they're always together, they're pretty much a single entity.

I would love to see more dolls of characters who've had development (kinda) in the webisodes and specials but are yet to have dolls. So Romulus, Johnny, Rider (soon hopefully.. soooon), Lothar even. the nerdy goblin dude, simon clops (from the later books) and so on. there's plenty of boys who've had lines and been introduced yet inexplicably never got dolls, meanwhile girls we've never before seen get dolls everywhere and are lucky to be featured for one webisode waaaay after their doll release. (Has Catrine actually had any role at all in the webisodes? She's such a non character yet has how many dolls now?)

come on mattel! get it together.

I'm pretty certain Lux is gonna be a girl because yeah... mattel. If they could find a way to make Seth a girl they would i'm sure.

Thank you for reminding me about Johnny. Maybe a 3-pack with him, Holt and Operetta.

If any other Manny doll aside from Man-sters, him in a 3-pack with Minnie and Iris because Minnie's debut and Manny introducing her to Iris.

I'd rather the premise of a Holt/Jackson 2 pack be Holt being separated from Jackson AND be given a legit webisode.

I <3 Fashion for the guys should have the slogan, "Man-ster Swag!"

I love the idea the Mansters continuing Manny and Heath should defiantly be the next release of that.

I heart Fashion boys would be perfect since they didn't really make any fashion packs I think Deuce was only one so extra outfits would be handy, I could see Deuce, Gil and Billy being included first, it will probably end up being two girls and 1 boy per line or 1 boy and 1 girl depending, since we all know Iris is up next for one but Manny probably won't be even though hilarious it would be so maybe her and one of the boys I mentioned or a ghoul who hasn't yet had one I am hoping Spectra, I think if they introduced a new boy character or a boy who hasn't yet had a doll release or one with very few would also be ideal.

We need a new Holt I need my first Holt I don't care what line he is in I am too fussy I just want a Holt, but ideally he has to be of original style so no gimmicky stuff like FF Jackson's scar he has to be like the other dolls, and as long as he is no U.S only exclusive or store exclusive to have him short packed, that's all I ask for, a new scaremester one would be great and a Jackson 2 pack would be as equally good I say, I think it would better if he's not shoved in a budget line as budget boys end up being harder to find.

Romulus would be great for a doll he could be in the Mansters line with Clawd, however Clawd has rarely been fanging out with him in the webisodes movies and specials he usually just seen with the usual Mansters Deuce, Gil, Billy, Manny and Heath, the only one webisodes when Deuce and Romulus asked him to see a movie with them but he had chores to do that was the only time and of course Fright on where he was introduced, even though they are meant to be real close beasties when they were young it just seems like he has his other friends now and they don't seem to be as close as they were maybe they don't have a lot in common anymore maybe Romulus likes to fang with a different crowd now who knows, unless they start showing them together more rekindling their friendship I don't think a pack will happen, but never say never.

I do hope Bram does get a doll I really like his design a lot he's real cute, he would go perfect in the 2 pack but if he's on his own I won't complain.

I am pretty sure Lux will be a girl I am pretty sure it's a girls name, if it is a boy then it will be cool I like the conjoined twin idea whether it's two boys or two girls I would love it, but I don't think it's gonna be these two, Seth I am excited about an Egyptian male doll I can't wait to see how he turns out.

a lot of backgrounders and characters I am hoping will get dolls soon.


I will be honest, I used to want a Manny/Toralei 2-pack and I still do.

Can we get a Disappearing Club 3-pack with Billy, Twyla and Catty while there's a store exclusive 4-pack or stand-alone Spectra?

Also, I want dolls of Jinafire's brothers.


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