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Monster High Lovers AUSTRALIA - Entire collection up for sale!

Hi there fellow Ghouls! My name is Bridgette and I have been a long time collector and lover of Monster High. I have been collecting the dolls forever, but it is with sadness that I must sell them ALL as I am moving overseas. They are all up on Ebay .... yes yes yes I know.  Ebay generally sucks, but I made all attempt to keep the prices reasonable.  There are some super rare ones and SDCC signed ones. 

So if you are interested ... here's a link to one of my babies ;(

Thanks ;(

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Oooh, saw this on the MH Australia facebook, sad to see you selling them, but I hope they get a good home (there's a lot of great dolls, I couldn't help but peek). Wish you the best though~!

Thanks a lot Evz.  Believe me, I am somewhat heart-broken, but I can't really take these babies with me.

Shipping to nz?? Interested with ur 5 ghouls rule :D

can you tell me why ebay doesn't allow me to see your complete item list? i'm located in Italy.
which SDCC are you selling? thanks

I'm only selling and posting in Australia I'm afraid, which is why you can't see my complete list.  Sorry about that.

ohhh bummer.. hehhee TT_TT


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