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 Saw these at Toys R Us, and I was really tempted to buy them. Such a great idea. :)

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WOW!! Those are so cool. I wonder if any other stores will be getting these in.  I was just thinking yesterday, actually, that they need to be stand-ups.  I guess they have.  I want a couple for my doll room.

I love the bad photoshopping on Draculaura. (Next to the life size standup logo thing)

Which TRU and how much?

They were at the Toys R Us down in San Diego. And I did not see a price, but I googled other Stand Ups and they went for around $30. Also I dug through it rather quickly and I am pretty sure they only had the 5 main girls (Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Lagoona, and Cleo). I do not think they Ghoulia...

Barbara Romphf said:

Which TRU and how much?

I want a Ghoulia one! Do you happen to know how much they were? Thanks! (Although looking at the picture it doesn't look like they priced the display)

Did they have abbey spectra and frankie

I want the Lagoona and Cleo so bad! $30 is a lot though. :\

Is it silly for me to think "$30?! I could buy a doll and maybe a fashion pack for that!" ?  xD:

Cute, but for $30 I'd rather buy an actual doll!

I'd freaked out by them at night...LOL!

but I'd really want a Ghoulia one. After all, she is moi!

I will definetly be getting a Clawdeen somehow >>; If anyone sees these and can pick me up one I would be eternally grateful!

how daughters would love to have these!

sadly, none of my toys r us's have them...can't find them online either.  :(


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