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Ugh I hope they don't look similar to Roller Maze. 

I'd like a new fin thingy mold on his head like they did with Deuce once for DOTD.

Oh, man, am I excited about this - been waiting for a Gil/Lagoona 2-pack for a long time.

Goggles and breathing mask?!  Retro romper?!  Could it get any better?!  I have high hopes for this set.

Love Gil's wave pattern although it has always struck me as odd - I don't think of rivers as having waves.  Lagoona should have the wave pattern, given her surfing interest, and Gil should have Lagoona's bonefish patterns.  They started this with Lagoona's Mad Science and Gil's Skull Shores shirts and I wish they had continued it.  I miss Lagoona's signature scales pattern.

I'm still a little confused by Gil's heritage, though.  His backstory hasn't been firmly established and, thus, has several inconsistencies.  Rather than being vague, his character and storyline seem contradictory - he vacillates a little too much between being brave and cowardly, meek and defiant, conflicted and certain.

Regardless of their hitherto 'star-crossed lovers' status, I'm glad they're finally getting a whimsical date set.  Shine the lights on the skullette mirror ball and play Andy Gibb's (Love Is) Thicker Than Water - it's time for some retro-style romance for these two!

I think you're spot on with the connections you've made regarding his character.  I also think that having the ability to contribute to a character's story is an element of the 'interaction' these characters are supposed to have with us. 

I'm hoping that this Lagoona will return to her original face paint and that the altered Monster Exchange look was an isolated departure.  I also hope she has her blueish tint (made in Indonesia) as opposed to her pale, grey coloring (made in China).

It looks like she has pink and yellow hair?

From from the photo, I'm not too enthused.

Glad to see a picture so soon!  I'm honestly not too sure about the pink in Lagoona's hair but I'll wait and see.  Seems like all the ghouls' hair is turning pink these days.  Gil's split helmet is a little odd-looking, but, other than that, the outfits and accessories are great!  Lagoona's romper couldn't be more perfect.  Will be excited to get this.

I don't know what a leak is lol like really

So it's screen shots, see I never realized that.  I always wondered how everyone got the same layout

They let me post links to the pics before and I even told the admins it was the same pics from before and they didn't care. Also I'm always hearing stuff about water marks but they didn't have any so frankly it's just a pic to me

But it is so hard not too!!! Well I deleted them though!! I always love your inputs well besides that one lol


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