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I haven't been around in awhile so I don't know if this has been discussed but from what I gather Justice no longer has a contract with Mattel. A few weeks ago I went into Justice to get the school outfits and there was no trace of MH in the store. Has this happened to anyone else? Also my local Claire's still does not carry MH items. I had to buy the MH jewelry on a trip.

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Well what I do know is that Justice still carries MH on their site.
The justice by me still carries MH but my claires has nothing.
the stock at my local justice is dwindling, there's nothing at macy's, and there's nothing at claire's, either. sigh.
Yeah, sad you live in one of the 4 only states without a Justice.

Jinx Nocturna said:
I don't have a Justice. But there's no shirts at my Macy's and nothing at all in my Claire's. My town sucks. :(
I didn't see any MH at my Justice yesterday. I wonder...

My Justice and Claires both have a load of MH products.



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