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lucky!  which tru? 

Im in bay area california...

Very cool! Thanks for the update. Hopefully she will show up in Minnesota soon.

I agree! 

The new packaging is not complimentary to this line at all. Everything looks forced into the ill-fitted pre-determined space.

Am I the only one who has this opinion?

It was one of my favourite lines so it's rather unfortunate. :(

So does she have the same item number as all the rest?

So awesome that you found her! I will have to start stopping by TRU :)

I wonder when she comes out in Austria. I think she looks sweet. I saw her wearing all 3 outfits and the one with the jacket is my favourite. I didn't get her first release with Manny so now I have a chance. I also like the background of the packaging. We have some major sale going on lasting till 26th this month. I'm sure they are getting slowly ready for the new arrivals.

do you happen to know the TRU r-web code for this?



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