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I don't know if there are a lot of VA MH-ers here, but if so we should band together and see if we cant locate some dolls lol.

I live in Staunton in the Blue Ridge Mountains so close-ish to WVA. Most I've found lately are the new CAMs (cat/witch, vampire/gargoyle, puma, and ghost).

Anyone else?

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When i was in Newport News Va a few weeks ago, i went to Walmart and they had some of the sweet 1600 and the Skull shores.

Found my ghouls rule in woodbridge, also today got my dot dead gorgeous dolls in tru aswell, the guy who held them for me said I got the last 3 before a scalper came and took the rest!
Nothing in target or walmart that is new tho I've checked countless times In the morning , well I did find rerelease Cupid along with wave1 ula wave 2 clawdeen and Frankie

I ran the gauntlet here (all the stores in about a square mile area) yesterday in Chesapeake, VA and was AMAZED at how many of the new MH items I found! Target had Venus McFlytrap & Robecca Steam & the Skull Shores set. Kmart had both Frankie & Draculaura's 'Ghouls Rule' packs (only 1 of each). Still not a fan of that particular Frankie, but I was pleasantly suprised- Draculaura's much less creepy-looking in person than she is in the photos. Both Toys R Us & Kmart had the CAM lab available for the same price ($40). Toys R Us had the Draculaura & bathroom set, both sets of Ghoulia's scooter (one with Ghoulia & one with JUST the scooter), the Cam lab, the Fearleading squad set, Rochelle Goyle, and various females from the sweet 1600 set. Justice also had Nefara, and the rollerskating Ghoulia & Frankie dolls.


Oh man!  Chesapeake is about an hour away from me.  I feel like it's too far just to go for dolls, but I really want Venus. 

Chesapeake is about 4 hours away from me! I wish I had thought of their target while I was at the beach this weekend :P

They only had 1 Venus there when I left. I picked it up for a friend's daughter. Yes, I am a MH enabler. *lol* My eight year old daughter asked me why I was hugging the Robecca doll box. I wasn't a huge fan of Venus, but I thought Robecca was SO cool. *sheepish grin* I had to put her back. Three birthdays + back to school clothes & supply shopping = no dolls for the Mom! That's okay tho. I just bought the CAM vampire/gargoyle boys a couple of weeks ago, so I'm good for a while.



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