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Monster High Haunted/Monster Exchange/Field Trip etc Sightings thread

Hey all!  As you know, all of these lines are starting to hit right now.  So that we can keep sightings together, please post in this thread what you've found and your general geographic location!

Toys R Us # for Haunted Deluxe:  159614

Target DCPI# for Haunted Deluxe:  086 14 2554

Target DCPI # for Monster Exchange:  086 14 0477

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Anyone knows when Haunted Spectra will be available and in which stores?

The Kmart where I work in Pittston, PA had some Haunted and Monster Exchange...Kinda. I don't know when they put them out, but by time I got to them yesterday there was only a Kiyomi, River, Vandala, and a few Marisols left. No Porter, no Lorna or Draculaura or Lagoona. I got the Kiyomi and River and left the Vandala and Marisols, today though Vandala was gone. Either they put the cases out and we got cleaned out really quickly (they weren't out on Tuesday when I'd worked previously, I didn't work Wednesday or Thursday), or my store is weird and only put out a couple dolls and the rest are hanging out in the back somewhere. I could try and snoop around in the back room and see. 

For the EAH people, there's also Spring Unsprung Briar and Cedar, one Briar left (I bought the other one XD) and two Cedars. No Cerise or Holly, I was disappointed because I want Cerise as well. 

Fred Meyers in Vancouver wa on Mill Plain has the haunted basic line out.


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