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Monster High Haunted/Monster Exchange/Field Trip etc Sightings thread

Hey all!  As you know, all of these lines are starting to hit right now.  So that we can keep sightings together, please post in this thread what you've found and your general geographic location!

Toys R Us # for Haunted Deluxe:  159614

Target DCPI# for Haunted Deluxe:  086 14 2554

Target DCPI # for Monster Exchange:  086 14 0477

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Argh.. the more I see of haunted, the more I desperately want it. But I just know the UK is unlikely to see new stock till after christmas. Argos doesn't get their new catalogue till like Feb which is likely to be when these hit, as most previous years we've been sitting twiddling our thumbs waiting for new stock.

Sweet screams w2 hasn't even hit yet!

Gloom and Bloom looks nice too, but i'm not big into formal lines. Still not at all convinced about the budget field trip line, though Toralei's teal streak is cute.

But oh man... new students and haunted... I pine.

I got all the monster exchange and freaky fieldtrip dolls from target in Michigan with the buy 2 get 1 free sale last week. Now I just need the Haunted new characters Draculaura and Rochelle be done for awhile until Gloom n Bloom Jinafire and Amanita come out.

As others have said here, Using the DCPI # I used it on the Price Scanner and it said they had the Monster Exchange dolls in the stockroom and had someone check. They came back with the box, It had 2 Marisol, 2 Lorna, 1 Lagoona and 1 Draculaura. I didn't get Lagoona which i regret now, The Promo wasn't showing at the register so they used the promo number and i was able to find them. Target in Mt. Vernon, NY.

Monster exchange dolls on the shelf found in TRU Orange county CA

OOOOO! Can't wait to get my hands on these!!! So excited! :D

Thank you to everyone for keeping up on the sightings threads. You are appreciated.

amazon just put up Exchange for 19.99 in stock

Okay.... Porter is super cute ... What do think ... he looks like he has a kind of SLO MO Headmold
Kinda_whatever said:

 There does appear to be a lot of similarities in the shape of Porter's face compared to Slo Mo.
Once more forum members get their hands on Porter, it's very likely that the differences between the two dolls will become more distinct.
Porter's chin looks less squared off than Mo's.

Christian said:

Okay.... Porter is super cute ... What do think ... he looks like he has a kind of SLO MO Headmold
Kinda_whatever said:

They also have the field trips dolls in.

the haunted line is on amazon too been up since last night and surprised they are still in stock ..i only see vandala and kiyomi now tho


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