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Monster High Haunted/Monster Exchange/Field Trip etc Sightings thread

Hey all!  As you know, all of these lines are starting to hit right now.  So that we can keep sightings together, please post in this thread what you've found and your general geographic location!

Toys R Us # for Haunted Deluxe:  159614

Target DCPI# for Haunted Deluxe:  086 14 2554

Target DCPI # for Monster Exchange:  086 14 0477

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For the time being, it seems that Monster Exchange and Freaky Field Trip are hitting Targets, and Haunted lines are hitting Toys R Us.

Someone has Porter Geiss in hand


That number unfortunately doesn't work. It's for some snoogle replacement cover. Whatever that is. I hope we get the correct number soon! I really want to see if any TRUs near me have them.

I noticed that the Haunted line is already in the system at Wal-Mart. There was a price change or something that I had to go through a few mornings ago. Nothing on shelf yet, but we are almost always last to get new stuff.

the correct tru number is 159614

Can't wait to find these!!!! My wallet not so much:(

that's sort of the point Kinda, she's a "faceless ghost"

We're in for a long wait here, unless the stores decide to give us a break.  But man, every time I see a pic of Porter, he just gets cuter and cuter.  

Found Lorna & Marisol at Target today.  Per the suggestion on this forum, I scanned the code from MH Checklist & they were in the back, so an associate brought the case out for me.   They didn't want to ring up the sale of buy 2 get 1 free, but the cashier fixed that for me...Heck they rang up as moon sand lol.  Btw, I didn't see all of the case (too excited to look closer) but what I did see was 2 Lorna's, 1 Marisol & 1 Lagoona.  Thinking distribution might be 2 each Marisol/Lorna & 1 each of Draculaura & Lagoona? If that's the case it'll definitely make hunting easier for everyone!  Also, in case this hasn't been mentioned they are the new "MH DL Assort" (like PD) so even if it says they're in stock they may not be :(

Stopped at TRU as well (before Target) & no sight of DotD, but they did have I <3 Fashion still.  After getting them from stockroom at Target I wish I had thought to ask someone at TRU to check the back for Haunted...

I hope gloom and bloom are on tonight's truck at toys r us!

I found Freaky Field Trip Clawdeen ($12.99) and Monster Exchange Marisol ($19.99) at a local Target today.  Also found Invisi Billy ($19.99) for the first time.  It was the last day for the buy-2-get-1-free deal, but, as others have mentioned, it didn't automatically ring up.  A manager took the full price off one of the higher-priced dolls to make up for the inconvenience.  Gotta love Target.

I just got the Inner Monster Deluxe pack at Walmart so just an FYI, they're back in stock it looks like. I'm so happy. Now I have all 4, grin. I really wanted that last girl but I did not want to pay twice Walmart's price for her scalped.


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