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Monster High Freak Du Chic Gooliope Jellington in stores...

found her today and this doll is huge and first thing u notice in person is the size of her head...

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No Gooliope in my area yet :( Every other FDC but not her :( Also do not have Elle or Nefera for BY, BY.

ETA: Does Gooliope ship alone?


I was expecting her to be more transparent like the Blob CAM.

I am waiting for her to arrive on Amazon. They are really lagging. The closest TRU is 2hours away from me.

My little 12 year old MH friend found her in Missouri and sent me a picture. She is so excited to have her.

Anyone have a toys r us item number for her?

Why is she so huge? I didn't know she was so big until I saw another post that compared the other Freak dolls to her. She is a giant!

I think the reason she is so big is because she is the daughter of The Blob...I know on her box it says daughter of unknown...but we all know she the daughter of The Blob..and The Blob grows and grows and grows and get quite huge....So thats why I think shes so big...

If it helps at all:

R web number: 216699

SKU: 05268B98

UPC: 887961089905

I got it from the app.

I just picked her up this morning at TRU. I really like her. Her articulation is very cool and she even has a joint in her chest. The hair is a major problem. Looks like a rat's nest. No pretty ringlets. I think she needs a perm but am not excited to mess with it. Her shoes are fabulous.

I've always wanted Ed s MU ghouls with a joint in the waist or hip area. This is good to know!

My sister found hers last night, and even my dad freaked over how big she is.  Her head is where I keep going, it's so enormous!  


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