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Monster High Freak Du Chic Gooliope Jellington in stores...

found her today and this doll is huge and first thing u notice in person is the size of her head...

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anyone else disappointed that she's pink? 

i am..she's really not attractive at all and alot bigger than the orig size dolls....

well that's the point of this doll. she's supposed to be big.

i think if she was lighter shade a pink i would've been sold.

She was pink in all the promos of her right?
My TRU had one each of the other Freak line and no Gooliope :-( they had a lot of the playsets.

she had to be pink, the blob was pink. At least being pink here made more sense that say... Luna... or Moucedes... or an of the plethora of other inexplicable pink or purple characters who's parent monster wasn't such a shade.

I notice in photos of her deboxed that her hair is pretty wretched. *sigh* seems to be a typical problem with MH these days. All dolls need their hair seriously fixed out the box and this annoys me, particularly when they're charging so damn much.

I still want her, but knowing i'll have to wash and recurl her hair and hope for no bald patches makes me reluctant to fork out too much money.

Her horrible hair is what is making me reconsider buying her. I'm scared to mess with a doll's hair since every time I have it's been messed up one way or the other. Plus, I'm trying to save up my money for Ellowyne Wilde dolls. I still like MH, but I think I'm going to shift focus for a little while.
Saw 6 of her this morning. Southern California. :)

very big doll huh..i was telling my wife you could prob put that thing in a baby car seat..!!!

lol 17 inches isn't THAT big. She just looks huuuuge alongside the MH and Barbie dolls we're used to. Now Lorafina, there's a doll who you could totally put in a carseat. She was in fact, larger than my youngest son when he was born hahaha. I have a photo of it somewhere because it amused me.

ha ha i gotta see that ....

So big they have to build a new shelf for her. XD I wonder where they are going to fit her in other stores. XP


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