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Hello everyone!

I have a few NiB Monster High dolls that I am of no need of. I am up for trades (sales possible too)

Here are the listings

~Ghoul's Night Out~

- Spectra (x2)


- Rochelle

~Ghoul Sports~



~13 Wishes~



~Scaris City of Frights~


~Zombie Shake~

-Meowlody & Purrsophene (x2)

~Looking For~

-Gloom and Bloom -> Amanita Nightshade

-Monster Exchange-> Marisol Coxi

-Freaky Fusion-> Sirena Von Boo

-Slowmo (any)

-Original Abbey Bominable

-Ghouls Rule- Abbey Bominable

-Love in Scaris- Garrott Du Roque

-Dawn of the Dance- Lagoona, Deuce, Cleo

-13 Wishes- Howleen Wolf

-Power Ghouls- Toralei

-Haunted- River Stixx

-Picture Day- Draculaura, Cleo


-Skull Shores- Lagoona, Gill,

-Jackson Jekyll (any)


For the dolls I accept NIB, or oob as long as they are in great condition (no frizzie hair, broken parts, etc,)

I am trustworthy as shown on my ebay account



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I actually happen to have the Ghouls Rule Abbey! :D Its not in the box, but it's as close to just out of the box as it can get. I think I have all of the accessories except the little purple pumpkin..purse?

If you want to see pictures just let me know and I'll take some :D (Theyd be a bit horrible since they're taken with my cell phone)

Also interested in the Meowlody & Purrsophene dolls- if you don't want to trade (at least in part) for the Abbey, how much in cash (well, paypal anyway) would you want for them?

I would like to see some pictures of Abbey first, if you don't mind? (no worries on bad cell phone pics! :) ) 

These were a bit of a pain to take since its storming outside, and that gets my dogs excited XP.Anyways, here they are


Very nice :) So for Meowlody and Purrsophene I would take Abbey and $12.

Not bad :). I'll have to see what other need things have to be taken care of with what money I have left, and do a bit of 'price comparing'.

Also interested in the Lagoona Ghouls Night out since I already have the Spectra and Rochelle ones (Although due to an unfortunate 'chew toy' incident, Spectra now has an arm from a Howleen doll that was destroyed XP). What would you want for them?

I understand with bills! (recently bought a schools out lagoona from someone else but had to seperate my payments before I agreed to buy)

Poor spectra!

But for lagoona, How does $15 sound to you?

Is that with or without Abbey in trade?

w/out? Where you requesting total for Meowlody and Purrsophene + Lagoona?

With just the Lagoona.

What would it be for the Meowlody+Purrsophone and Lagoona, or is that the $15+Abbey?

(Im going into town in the morning, so I'll see if the local shops have the Lagoona. Pretty sure I haven't seen any of the twins...)

W/ Lagoona and the twins would be $20+ abbey

For just the twins would be abbey+$12

I'll give this a think and then try to get back to you tomorrow (well, today for me) if I can or can't :)

That's perfectly fine. If you do decide let me know you won't have to pay until next Thursday since I just want to make as little possible trips to the post office.

Thanks for looking!


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