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Hey ghouls and Mansters!
I have a few dolls I need to get rid of! I have 1600 clawdeen ( the original) Mad Science Ghoulia, Coffin Bean Clawdeen , DJ Spectra, and Ghouls Alive Clawdeen. I have Roller Maze Frankie that would be great for a Bait doll. I also Have lots of odds and ends, clothes and pieces to get rid of if you are looking for something in particular send me a PM! 
If you would like to buy these the price for 1600 Clawdeen is $10+ ship, the other ghouls are $8+ ship and Frankie is $5 +ship!
Things I am looking for or would be willing to trade for are:
Wave one Jackson's Bag, glasses, pet, Journal
Holt's Arms, Pet, Journal
Wave one Ghoulia Headband, belt, Necklace, arm wrap things
La De Da, Rowdy Shouty Fashion Pack
Boy clothes
Toralei's Tail- can do a trade plus part payment
 Ghoulia's Drop dead Gorgeous dress
Lala's Newpaper Fashion Pack
I also love anything Miniature like the dolls books, shoes, school supplies. we are working on a dollhouse for my daughter and things like this are needed!!
Thanks for looking!!

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